Business · Jun 24, 2021

Why Emotional Loyalty Matters Most in the Future of CX

Behavioral metrics alone aren't enough to measure customer loyalty. Emotional loyalty must also be considered for long-term customer success. Learn why emotional metrics matter and how best to use them. 

Interview · Jun 21, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Playing 11 Questions with Safà El Koura, Linguistic Expert

As part of our new blog series, we’re doing an Employee Spotlight at Wonderflow! In this fun interview, we played 11 questions with Safà El Koura, a Linguistic Expert, for over eight months at our office in Trento, Italy.

Business · Jun 15, 2021

More than Another ‘Cost’: Why Call Center Analytics Matter and How to Use It to Generate Revenue

Customer care centers can be a great source of revenue for companies if call center analytics is leveraged correctly. Discover its value and how to analyze call center data.  

Business · Jun 08, 2021

6 Ways to Protect and Build Customer Loyalty

In times of crisis, finding ways to protect and build customer loyalty is more vital than ever. Discover 6 actionable insights on how to lead a legion of loving followers and gather more along the journey. 

Business · Jun 03, 2021

New Global Consumer Group: Work From Home Customers and Their Trends

In the aftermath of our 'pandemic quake,' fault lines formed many new global consumer groups. We share one of them, work from home customers, their trends, and implications. 

Business · May 25, 2021

Brand Building Towards Sustainability in E-commerce

Sustainability in e-commerce is a growing hot topic. Brand building towards this future matters more than ever. Fast, free, sustainable, now!

Business · May 18, 2021

Top 5 Predictions for Customer Insights in 2021

Businesses should constantly be ‘woke’ to new ways to improve their customer experience. Find out the top 5 predictions for customer insights in 2021.

Business · May 11, 2021

NPS vs. CSAT and Their Importance for Brand Growth

Asking the right questions is key to measuring the customer experience. Learn more on NPS vs. CSAT and their importance for brand growth.

Interview · May 06, 2021

Customer Interviews: Matteo Gamberini, Head of Operations and Customer Experience in CoopVoce (COOP MVNO)

In a VoC interview with Matteo Gamberini, Head of Operations and Customer Experience at CoopVoce, we learn how customer centricity is key.

Customer experience · May 04, 2021

How to Scale Your Omnichannel Strategy for the Overcrowded Future of E-Commerce

The future of e-commerce is becoming more overcrowded with new entrants. Learn key tactics for brands to scale their omnichannel strategy.