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Consumer Electronics · Sep 23, 2021

Why Does Product Durability Matter So Much In Consumer Electronics?

Learn the value of product durability in consumer electronics, analyzed across 9 relatable categories, and using actual words from customers.

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Ratings & Reviews · Sep 16, 2021

4 Challenges in Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) + Examples & Solutions

Linguistic experts explain issues in Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA). Our examples can help improve text mining of customer feedback.

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Interview · Sep 09, 2021

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Interview: Jorge Garcia, Founder at Vessel Insights & Strategy

In this VoC interview, Wonderflow welcomes customer experience specialist, Jorge Garcia, also CEO at Vessel Insights & Strategy.

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Wonderflow · Sep 08, 2021

Meet Wanda: Why & How Wonderflow’s New Design System Improves Customer Experience

Wanda is Wonderflow’s new open-source design system. Discover the next best thing for business users to improve customer experience.

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Marketing · Sep 03, 2021

MarTech: The Rise of Marketing Technology Investments & 7 Key Marketer Tools In 2021

Martech = marketing technology. The market is evolving fast. Learn what is MarTech, key trends, and 7 key tools every marketer needs in 2021.

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Business · Aug 31, 2021

Guest Blog: Advances In AI Will Transform Sentiment Analysis

Hipsto helps to explain sentiment analysis and how their unique AI NLP technology will transform the customer experience.

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Customer experience · Aug 26, 2021

Stay Connected: How To Be Customer Centric In Telecommunication

Telecommunication brands are more than another utility bill. Learn how they can be more customer centric and improve the customer experience.

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Interview · Aug 25, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Playing 11 Questions with Jana Pilato

For our next Employee Spotlight, we interview Jana Pilato, Consumer Insights Specialist of the New Business Development Team.

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Customer experience · Aug 19, 2021

Customer Experience Trends Predicted by Forrester: Offline Shopping Is Less But Still Matters

We examine more closely the rising demand for a transformative in-store experience as the war with COVID-19 dies down. Irrespective of the e-commerce explosion in recent years, physical stores are still essential. Find here why and how consumers are reconsidering offline shopping, based mainly on Forrester insights.

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Business · Aug 05, 2021

How to listen smarter using your social media analytics

Find the different meanings of common terms, the value of listening, and how to listen smarter using social media analytics.