Turn VoC Into Winning Decisions

Wonderflow predictive AI makes sense of all types of customer feedback to help you win big in competitive markets


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Unified VoC analytics help B2C companies extract value from consumer feedback like online reviews, support center records, and NPS

  • Unified

    Aggregate in a single place both private and public customer feedback from different VoC sources

  • Granular

    Get accuracy 50%+ higher than generalist engines of the customer insights market

  • Predictive

    Predict the impact of product/service features on business KPIs such as CSAT, NPS, and Sales

  • Simple

    Designed for the non tech-savvy user and acknowledged as “best in class” for its simplicity

The Voice of the Customer your whole business will want to hear

Wonderflow’s AI-based NLP and predictive technology extract value from voice of the customer data like nobody does

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Thanks to Wonderflow we are finally starting to build our products with data

CX researcher, Beko

For Customer Experience Management

Track customers' thoughts, get in-depth insights

  • Analyze millions of consumer reviews in a single click using top-notch AI
  • Aggregate in a single place private and public feedback from different sources
  • Make clear recommendations on product improvements
  • Create and deliver product collaterals that customers understand
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We saved nearly half a million euros by focusing improvements on the product performances, as suggested by data

Product Manager, Philips

For Product Management

Make your products stand out from the competition

  • Create requirements for your development team that match what users want
  • Discover what you don’t know about your products and competitors
  • Learn what your customers would change in your products
  • Validate your assumptions with data you can trust
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Compared to market research, from customer feedback you truly learn what people think

Brand Manager, Colgate Palmolive

For Brand Management

Measure brand reputation from the customer point of view

  • Address brand promotion
  • Learn how your brand is perceived compared to the competition
  • Manage and improve your online reputation
  • Stay on top of what is being said about your products
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The Wonderboard is like a book you just cannot put down

Care Manager, Kenwood

For Customer Care Management

Cut the costs of your support with AI-enabled feedback analysis

  • Discover issues in advance and reduce customer churn
  • Validate feedback and turn insights into consistent actions
  • Understand at a glance what are the major pain points for your customers
  • Create FAQs and How-to-articles tailored to your customers' needs
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