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Wonderflow is a B2B tech company that delivers AI-based software designed to improve the customer experience. As a business, we make the Voice of the Customer (VoC) matter. As employees, we empower each other to share our voices to grow and learn.

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Our Core Values


We are empowered to take winning shots.


We're a team of passionate and bold characters.


We collaborate as one for all, all for one.

As a globally distributed team, some of our awesome numbers can do the talking. We have:



% of women


Growth since 2015




95% of our customers earn


Alessio developer

"In Wonderflow, the team is a key component for our success. Everyone can endorse their opinion, everyone is listened to, and decisions are made as a team, the team itself is held accountable."

— Alessio, Developer

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Turn the Voice of the Customer into winning decisions


Our mission is to be the standard in Voice of the Customer (VoC) analytics by providing a unified platform that helps companies make decisions based on customer feedback. Others share data, but we talk data and mean business.

To do so, we combine artificial intelligence with the Voice of the Customer. As guided by our core values for initiative, grit, and support, we envision a world where the customer remains forever king.

diversity and inclusion are core belief at wonderflow

Voice of the People: Wonderflow promotes Diversity & Inclusion


Billions of people are trying to fit in somewhere every day, making it challenging for many companies to extract the right talent from the right crowd.

However, we find it easy because we keep it real and simple. It doesn't matter where you come from, what you believe in, who you look like, or which pizza is your favorite. As long as you share our team values and get the job done (while scoring high over-achiever points), we want your employee voice heard just as much as the customers.

To us, Diversity and Inclusion are more than a trend, more than another hashtag. We believe the voice of people should be equal and diverse. That's why, for example, we employ over 15 different nationalities and still growing, encourage more women in tech, plus more.

Why join the wonderfully Wonderflow team?

This section exists not because it has to, but because it should. Wonderflow is a great workplace, including some benefits like:

  • Awesome international colleagues
  • Flex work with daily GIF spams
  • 24/7 access to co-working space + free coffee
  • Fun company events (with offices in Amsterdam, Trento, Milan, and more to come)
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Our Story: The Wonderflow Way

  • Wonderflow, the startup, was born2013
  • Won Rockstart contest. 1st office (NL)!2014
  • Got 1st investor and EU customer2015
  • Got 2nd investor round2016
  • Opened 2nd office in Trento and first US customer2017
  • Got 3rd investor round and 1st Middle East customer2018
  • Jan Bennink joined the WF Advisory board2020
  • Opened new office in Milan, IT2021

We are leading the way for businesses to listen to the Voice of the Customers. Want to join?

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