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cultural norms ecommerce reviews

Wonderflow's Business Intelligence Research · Mar 30, 2023

Can Cultural Norms Influence eCommerce Reviews? A VoC Analysis of 14 Countries

Our Business Intelligence analyzed the Coffee Machines category to understand whether cultural norms affect eCommerce ratings and reviews.

7 Teams That Can Benefit From A Voice of the Customer Software

Voice of the Customer · Mar 17, 2023

7 Teams That Can Benefit From A Voice of the Customer Software

The right voice of the customer software will empower an entire company, not just one department. Learn here the top teams that can benefit!

insurance cx linear

Interview · Mar 07, 2023

Valentina Fanti, Insurance CX Manager, On How To Leverage VoC

Valentina Fanti, Customer Experience Manager at Linear, a leading insurance brand, shares advice on how to use VoC analytics to succeed.

Sentiment Index things gone wrong tgw

Wonderflow's Business Intelligence Research · Feb 23, 2023

A General Guide on Sentiment Index & Things Gone Wrong (TGW)

Without two unique and important KPIs found only within the Wonderboard: Sentiment Index and Things Gone Wrong (TGW), huge enterprise users would not be able to truly understand their customers.

Michael Morkly

Employee Spotlight · Feb 17, 2023

Customer-Centricity Drives Michael Morkly As Our Head of Project Management

In our employee spotlight, meet Michael Morkly, our customer-centric Head of Project Management! Learn his work tips, values, and success!

2023 CX trend

Customer experience · Jan 31, 2023

Top 8 CX Trends in 2023 (And No Shock VoC Analytics Still Tops)

Stay ahead of the curve with our chosen top 8 customer experience (CX) trends in 2023 to optimize your marketing, sales, IT, etc.

wonderflow image

Retail · Jan 04, 2023

What Do Retail Reviews Reveal On Customers’ Price Perception?

We looked at customers' price perception by analyzing est. 5M retail reviews across 19 groceries to help brands understand inflation effects.

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E-commerce · Dec 23, 2022

7 Top Retail Trends Predicted for the 2022 Holiday Season

Knowing what retail trends to expect from the 2022 holiday season can help brands and retailers to prepare and carve a strong position...

star rating

Ratings & Reviews · Dec 09, 2022

Are 5-Star Reviews Needed? Why 4.5 Star Rating Is Just As Good

Almost perfect is the new normal it seems. Learn here why 4.5 star ratings increase purchase likelihood than 5 star reviews.

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Employee Spotlight · Nov 30, 2022

A Competitive Drive Makes Ginevra Ferrini Our Pre-Sales Engineer

We sit down with our ex-Project-Manager-turned-Pre-Sales-Engineer, Ginevra Strambi Ferrini! Learn her client success tips and more.