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Retail analytics

Customer experience · May 19, 2022

Hear the Voice of the Customer in Retail: Why Use VoC in Retail Analytics

Traditionally, retailers have focused more on brand experience and customer experience (CX) to understand their customer relationships. Commonly used metrics, such as CSAT and NPS, have allowed businesses to gather a sense of how shoppers feel about certain brand products or services. However, as time progresses, these metrics become not enough. Retailers that really want to succeed today need more. They need data.  “The future belongs to those who can collect, aggregate, segment, integrate, visualize…


Customer experience · Apr 22, 2022

Is the Customer Experience Career for You? The Rise of CX Jobs (Incl. Salary Chart and FAQs)

“Think of customer experience as customer service on steroids” – Forbes  That’s exactly what it’s like to work in Customer Experience (CX). When compared to customer service (CS), customer experience is more about proactively creating a seamless customer journey, from awareness of the brand to post-purchase. In contrast, CS is about reactively supporting customers with service/product questions and problems.  This article aims to shed light on the trending and unique career path of CX and how…

Massimo Paludet

Interview · Apr 15, 2022

Consumer-Centricity in Home Appliance: A VoC Interview with Massimo Paludet, Customer Care Director at De’Longhi

In a video interview with provided transcript, Massimo Paludet from De'Longhi shares his leadership insights on consumer-centricity in household appliances.

Krisiana Dumi

Interview · Apr 07, 2022

Wonderstudent: Krisiana Dumi, Grant Recipient & Epicode Grad

Krisiana Dumi is an Epicode IT graduate, Developer, and scholarship recipient of Wonderflow. Get inspired by her career journey in tech.

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Market Research · Mar 31, 2022

VoC Analysis: What do customers think on skincare product packaging? (5 countries analyzed)

VoC Analysis: What do customers think on skincare product packaging? (5 countries analyzed)


Customer experience · Mar 28, 2022

Customer-Centricity in Energy Sector: A VoC Interview with Angelo Asciano, Director of Customer Operations at ENERCOM

Angelo Asciano, the Director of Customer Care at ENERCOM SRL, shares his CX leadership advice on customer centricity for energy companies.

what is a focus group

Marketing · Mar 25, 2022

What is a Focus Group: Definition, Key Drawbacks, and Better Alternative

In this article, we attempt to bring more clarity to the concept of focus groups, particularly in the case of product development. In other words, what is a focus group, the summary of steps on how to execute one, situations for when you’d need to conduct one, several critical disadvantages of focus groups, and a game-changer alternative solution to replace this old-school market research method. What is A Focus Group? “A focus group is a…

go to market strategy

Customer experience · Mar 10, 2022

Go-to-Market Strategy Explained & Solution Advised by CX-Create (Downloadable Report)

We know launching a new product or feature of an existing product can be extremely challenging. One of the most critical things in ensuring a seamless end-user experience is sharing a common understanding of the key strategies involved in planning. In particular, understanding valuable strategies like the go-to-market (GTM) strategy – what is it? How does it compare to a marketing and product strategy? Why an effective one is critical, especially in today’s digital world?…

employee spotlight

Human Resources · Feb 24, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Irene Nicolini, Head of IT Development & Major Foodie

With an ever-growing global team, anticipating the arrival of new talents is undoubtedly nice and all. Yet, we’re even happier with retaining the support of numerous current teammates. That’s one of the reasons why we must turn our Employee Spotlight on yet another dedicated and long-time standing colleague, Irene Nicolini. She’s currently the Head of our IT Development team and has been with us a bit over three years! Irene studied Telecommunications Engineering at the…

domestic appliance

Consumer Electronics · Feb 18, 2022

How Noisy Is Your Home? A Domestic Appliance Reviews Analysis of Noise on Satisfaction

'Noisey' household appliances - dishwasher, dryer, ACs, etc. - can be harmful to our health. Learn how Noise affects customer satisfaction, thus creating a need for more 'silent' products.