Creating the best customer experience through AI-driven customer intelligence

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Creating the best customer experience through AI-driven customer intelligence

It’s a data-jungle out there. Time and time again, we encounter companies who are simply not doing enough with customer feedback. Some have processes or solutions in place but fail to get any strategic insights from them. Others are doing manual analysis of thousands of reviews, creating inconsistency and inaccuracy. In general, enterprises are missing out on delivering great customer experience.  

In this webinar, Janne Marie van Vlastuin, Riccardo Osti, and Samyr Jriri discuss the challenges and opportunities for enterprises to deliver great customer experience through proper customer insights. In particular, the panel will focus on generating actionable insights from customer feedback, how to scale process to include all consumer touchpoints, and how to identify automation opportunities. Topics that will be discussed:

  • The role of consumer insights and customer feedback analysis in customer experience
  • Use-cases of Fortune 1000 enterprises transforming their customer intelligence
  • Leveraging new technology to optimize your customer feedback analysis process, and generate actionable insights for strategic business decisions
  • The dangers of having a fragmented customer feedback analysis process
  • Live Q&A with the panel


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