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Extract valuable customer insights with a software that has been defined as “the easiest VoC analytics dashboard.” No one has yet ever complained about something being too easy to use or, at least, not when it comes to analyzing the millions of feedback records.

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From "clumpy" mascara to "stinky" body lotions, negative customer feedback can significantly hurt your sales. Wonderflow helps brands prevent setbacks by monitoring the 'hates' and 'loves' of your products. You will always be informed ahead of time.

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Fewer headaches, more impactful results

Anyone in your company (from product managers to the CEO, marketers, designers, etc.) can grasp our easy-to-digest insights with just a few clicks.

  • 10x higher adoption and retention rates than our competitors’

  • A platform designed for the non-technical users, but still also powerful enough for data engineers

  • Spend your time not only digesting the facts, but also making things happen!

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Most trusted feedback analysis solution for consumer-centric firms to drive success

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  • A dashboard you’ll want to use

    Take advantage of the simplest Voice of the Customer Analytics tool, which also shows your entire company valuable competitor insights.

  • See where you can be more efficient

    Learn about not only where you can improve, but also where you can perform value engineering without damaging your score.

  • Take advantage of our team support

    We are always by your side to help you get the best out of all your data, from CSAT, NPS, to call center transcripts, etc.

  • Turn raw data into relevant insights

    Get statistical predictions on how much a given topic could potentially improve your star rating or NPS, all without switching screens or finding the other spreadsheets.

  • Ensure a one-stop solution to find and store all data

    Promote consistent and quality knowledge sharing throughout your entire organization by giving everyone the same access, anytime & anywhere.

  • Incredibly easy to use

    Discover what could be for your return on investment and in just a few clicks, all thanks to our best-in-class technology designed with businesses in mind, not the needs of data scientists.

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