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Analyze your Voice of the Customer data(VoC) with a best-in-class platform. Our unique hybrid approach to text analysis combines an industry-leading team of linguists with top-notch artificial intelligence, resulting in vertical-specific Natural Language Processing engines that will get you an edge on the competition.

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From "clumpy" mascara to "stinky" body lotions, negative customer feedback can significantly hurt your sales. Wonderflow helps brands prevent setbacks by monitoring the 'hates' and 'loves' of your products. You will always be informed ahead of time.

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Wonderflow provides you with the most accurate sentiment analysis on the market for all of your unstructured text, with no configuration required on your side. Invest your time in taking actions, not in annotating millions of feedback records.

  • Get best-in-class sentiment analysis thanks to our hybrid approach of people and AI

  • Deep dive into your analysis with up to 150 topics and up to 100% higher granularity than its competitors

  • Discover untapped trends in the market usually missed by the naked eye

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Most trusted feedback analysis solution for consumer-centric firms to drive success

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  • Explore best-in-class sentiment analysis

    Get the highest quality on the market for open text analysis thanks to an accuracy rate up to 50% better than generalist competitors.

  • Leverage an incredible granularity

    Dive into insights from a multilevel analysis, defined by vertical-specific rules giving you over 150 topics for selected verticals.

  • Benchmark against the entire market

    Get a real feel on what your products are doing by benchmarking against your competitors’ “apples to apples” thanks to the inclusion of their public data.

  • Make the complex easy

    Take advantage of the only AI on the VoC market that is able to properly understand the context of sentences and analyze them accordingly.

  • Uncover untapped market trends

    Learn what the customers want from their own voices and identify unmet opportunities.

  • Get the most with a team at your disposal

    We are always by your side to help you get the best out of all your data, from CSAT, NPS, to call center transcripts, etc.

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