Case studies

The Wonderboard extracts actionable insights from unstructured consumer feedback in many different ways. Get inspired by reading some of our use-cases

Global 500 case study

A consumer feedback analysis process which is 90% more efficient

Wonderflow is analyzing 50,000 new reviews every month, saving the client over €600,000 per year in traditional market research costs.

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Customer churn case study

Reducing customer churn through AI-driven VOC Analytics

Helping a global leader B2C service provider to reduce customer churn by 12% on average

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Product launch case study

Customer feedback saves product launch

Wonderflow is able to pinpoint actionable insights that recovered a consumer electronic product launch from failure.

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Case study

Analyzing customer feedback for over 20 apps and languages

Wonderflow is analyzing 7.500+ new reviews every month, enabling the client to cover all reviews for over 20 apps and languages

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Emotion Analysis case study

The power to create buyer personas based on received data.

Wonderflow is able to create a buyer persona baised data received.

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CMI team case study

Customer feedback analysis for CMI teams

Wonderflow is able to provide actionable insights that help companies adjust their strategy, resulting in success.

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B2B and B2C contact center case study

Optimizing contact center efficiency and cost through AI-enabled feedback analysis

Reducing customer contact center agent churn by 12%

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Insurance industry case study

Boosting insurance sales and contact center efficiency through AI-driven VOC Analytics

Increase renewals (+6%), sales (+8%), and FCR (+4.5%)

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Lavazza case study

Boosting customer experience through Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Analyzing more than 37.000 customer feedback records (from 6 countries and in 4 languages).

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Telecommunication industry case study

Adapting to the “new normal” through VoC analytics

How telecommunication companies can leverage AI-powered VoC analytics to provide better support for their customers and adapt to their new needs.

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Design packaging

A large FMCG company learned what packaging worked best for their products by using Wonderflow’s NLP solution.

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Product launch

A personal care company launched a innovative product, without success. Wonderflow found the solution.

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App store analysis

When more than 50% of your turnover is generated through app stores, you will want to know all there is.

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Find counterfeits

Nobody wants their products being counterfeited or customers being tricked by fakes. Wonderflow can find them.

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