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Wonderflow is the missing piece between your brand and your customers

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trusted by fortune 500 companies

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Aggregate in a single place both private and public customer feedback from different VoC sources


Get accuracy 50%+ higher than generalist engines of the customer insights market


Predict the impact of product/service features on business KPIs such as CSAT, NPS, and Sales


Designed for the non tech-savvy user and acknowledged as “best in class” for its simplicity


A single source of truth

Wonderflow's AI analyzes the Voice of Customers from all over the world, both from your buyers and your competitors.

  • Aggregate in a single place, both private and public feedback from different sources
  • Combine all feedback sources into a single system to get a comprehensive analysis
  • Integrate data from your service, customer experience, and sales solutions
  • Get access to the world’s largest data lake of indexed consumer reviews
wonderflow voc analytics aggregates all your channel


Meet the highest standard of analysis

Wonderflow's unified Voice of the Customer analytics platform has a unique approach to text analysis, combining a team of highly experienced linguistics with top-notch artificial intelligence.

  • Get an accuracy up to 50%+ higher than other generalist engines on the market
  • Automate text analysis to uncover customer sentiment, key trends and topics
  • Detect over 150 topics per product vertical
  • Up to 100% more granular than generalist engines on the market
wonderflow voc analytics ensures the quality of your products


Unique predictive capabilities

The world’s first predictive and prescriptive engine based on Voice of the Customer analytics is able to suggest what decisions you should take.

  • Predict the impact of product features on business KPIs like CSAT
  • Suggest the most impactful actions to take in order to increase your star rating
  • Find out what product characteristics are most relevant to your customers
  • Validate with real market data from Fortune 500 companies
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“Best in class” for its simplicity

Anyone in your company, from product managers to CEOs, can be empowered with actionable insights to make impactful decisions.

  • Used by 10x more users than competitor solutions
  • Wonderflow is the simplest VoC solution, according to OMDIA
  • The majority of our users are non-technical
  • Results are presented in the simplest way inside our dashboard for business users
wonderflow voc analytics is simple

Don't take our word for it!

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Before, we spent hours analyzing customer reviews. This was taking us a lot of time. With Wonderflow, we can analyze a plethora of reviews for more than 20 countries.

Dominique Rolink, TomTom, Product Marketing Manager

Wonderflow has the world’s largest database of indexed consumer reviews

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