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Boosting customer experience through Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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How the Italian company Lavazza invested in long-term customer experience improvement by analyzing more than 37.000 customer feedback records (from 6 countries and in 4 languages) on their products and those of 10 competitors with the help of Wonderflow.

Lavazza is one of the leading coffee manufacturing companies in the world. Its work is guided by over 120 years of history and tradition, accompanied by a passion for innovation and love for its customers. The company’s commitment to delivering the best products is what drives Lavazza to invest in the search for excellence.

The company is constantly researching the best resources and tools to help them better serve their customers. Lavazza’s interest in delivering excellent customer experience was the reason behind the choice to partner up with Wonderflow. The collaboration aimed to improve its customer-centricity through a better understanding of customer feedback.

The importance of customer feedback for Lavazza

Lavazza is aware that, nowadays, customer feedback is essential to make business decisions. At the same time, gathering, analyzing, and extracting insights from the feedback is difficult and time-consuming. In fact, their customer feedback is written in multiple languages and can be found on several different platforms.

Lavazza also acknowledged the need to take immediate action to improve the customer experience. For the company, innovation does not only lie on strategy, but also on the speed at which a new strategy is adopted.

Wonderflow offered Lavazza the solution it needed: an easy-to-use platform in which real-time data insights are presented in an understandable manner, helping to drive future business decisions.

Wonderflow sets up the data collection, gathering public and private data from a wide range of sources in multiple languages, collecting any type of textual content from channels such as surveys, app reviews, e-commerce reviews, call center records, NPS, and email conversations. After the data collection, Wonderflow performs a linguistic configuration through machine learning to translate the language of the consumer into the client’s corporate language. Thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP), Wonderflow’s AI-driven technology mimics the human ability to understand a text. By carrying out sentiment analysis, Wonderflow generates actionable insights for the client. The results of the analysis are published on a dashboard called the Wonderboard, where they are accessible to every employee in the client’s organization, 24/7.

The advantages provided by Wonderflow

Speed and simplicity are the two key characteristics that led Lavazza to adopt Wonderflow’s platform. According to Lavazza, Wonderflow conducts accurate customer feedback analysis at unprecedented speed and displays the results in a very accessible and understandable manner

The partnership

During its partnership with Lavazza, Wonderflow analyzed more than 37.000 records in four different languages from e-commerce websites. In addition to this, Lavazza leveraged Wonderflow’s technology to understand its position in the market by conducting a competitor analysis. Ten different competitor brands’ products were analyzed, thoroughly examining their strengths and weaknesses on specific aspects such as the taste of coffee and the desired technical characteristics of a coffee machine.

As a result, six different departments (Digital Marketing, Product Development, Consumer Insights, Quality (R&D), Customer Service, and E-commerce) benefited from Wonderflow’s support, adapting their strategy following the data insights. Additionally, the customer feedback analysis enabled the Italian company to identify the aspect that consumers care about the most when purchasing a coffee machine: design. This motivated Lavazza to focus even more on the design of its products.

Finally, Lavazza demonstrated interest in establishing a long-term collaboration with Wonderflow to continue gathering valuable information from customers. This illustrates the importance that the Italian company gives to listening to the voice of its customers and improving their experience with the brand.


The Wonderboard is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. This resulted in a very high adoption rate within the company and an immediate positive impact. Research firm Ovum highlighted the quick adoption by business users in a recent research report.

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