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Lavazza uses Wonderflow to analyze 360K+ FMCG reviews to improve CX

Learn how the leading FMCG brand, Lavazza, improves the consumer experience (CX) by leveraging advanced text analytics as a result of its need to better understand different target countries.

360,000+ REVIEWS ANALYZED (still counting)

5+ COUNTRIES ANALYZED (still counting)

30+ CHANNELS SOURCED (still counting)

35+ COMPETITORS ANALYZED (still counting)


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Lavazza is the leading fast-moving consumer goods seller of coffee products. It’s popularly known for its wide selection of high-quality coffee and espresso machines.  Founded in 1895 and in Turin, Italy, our client operates through associated companies and distributors in over 90 countries. Additionally, there are over 20 Lavazza offices and manufacturing plants in Italy and across the world.

Wonderflow respects the client’s wish to share limited information in this case study. 

Main Problem

Understanding consumer preferences in multiple foreign markets

It all started in 2019 when Lavazza decided to partner with Wonderflow. The FMCG market was growing more competitive, and consumer preferences were constantly shifting, as it all still is doing today. Our client immediately recognized the need to understand the consumer experience better.

Moreover, with its products sold commercially in thousands of retailers worldwide and across hundreds of e-commerce platforms, Lavazza can generate up to millions of consumer reviews per day.  This also means that a large part of the overall feedback is written in multiple languages. Therefore, before discovering Wonderflow, our client was mainly in search of a solution that could help them to:

  • Automate redundant analysis tasks
  • Perform an in-depth and highly accurate consumer feedback analysis with the quickest turnaround time possible
  • Translate different languages of reviews into one commonly understood user language for its internal departments to use

Then, after exploring and comparing what the market had to offer, our client decided on our advanced text mining technology due to the following main benefits: 


Main Solution

Lavazza leveraging Wonderflow: Improving consumer experiences, multiple espressos at a time

Wonderflow’s unified platform, backed by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, was first easily set up for Lavazza, requiring no manual efforts. To this day, our system has collected and analyzed the client’s vast stream of multilingual consumer ratings and reviews and all within a matter of weeks (their analysts would otherwise take several months).

Our AI-based engine automatically first collects unbiased and relevant textual data and depending on Lavazza’s selected markets. Then, the system analyzes the information while translating it into one language that our client’s analysts, or other internal departments, can understand. The Wonderflow tool extracts scores of specific topics commonly mentioned in Lavazza-related reviews. The popular topics are the result of what consumers like to talk most about, which can even relate to Lavazza’s competitors (e.g., Nespresso) or industry-related.

In many instances over the last years, including now, Lavazza has continuously sought to understand better consumer perceptions regarding one of their most popular product categories – espresso machine. By using Wonderflow, Lavazza extracts accurate and useful insights on what consumers enjoy most and least about all its available models.

More specifically, our client has asked us to analyze what consumers were saying about one of their top-selling espresso machines. The Wonderflow platform analyzed relevant reviews across several selected countries where the particular model was sold. Our insights showed that many users favored the model’s design the most. In contrast, many of them tend to complain about the specific machine’s price the most (see image below).

As a result of pinpointing these explicit opinions that greatly influence user preferences, Lavazza learned to redesign successful campaigns around this machine, highlighting its design elements, and when launching newer models. Also, the company’s IT and consumer service departments proactively monitor consumer complaints of technical failure involving any of their sold coffee equipment, thus quickly addressing user issues. 

Ultimately, with Wonderflow’s help, Lavazza improved consumer experiences across various key geographic markets and gained an in-depth, 360-degree view that had shown every espresso machine brand and product.

Main Results

A successful ongoing collaboration that only grows stronger and smoother

Over 11 years of collaborating (and still ongoing), Wonderflow’s technology has aided Lavazza in improving several major aspects of business, such as sales, conversions, consumer satisfaction, loyalty, to name a few. These achieved outcomes are mainly due to our analysis of:

  • 360,000+ Lavazza ratings & reviews: At the time of writing (2021), the Wonderflow platform has collected and analyzed 362,142 reviews about Lavazza and are still counting. Specifically, ratings and reviews across e-commerce sites where Lavazza products are sold.
  • 5+ countries: Our solution has sourced relevant data from five different countries where Lavazza operates, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. Plus, we’re still counting!
  • 30+ websites: Lavazza-related reviews have been sourced from 30 different e-commerce platforms and are still counting.
  • 35+ competitors: 35 different brands similar to Lavazza have been analyzed and compared against and still counting. The competitors’ strengths and weaknesses are mainly assessed based on popular topic mentions like taste quality of coffee and specific espresso machine features.  

Additionally, six Lavazza internal departments have benefited the most from Wonderflow’s granular and comprehensive insights, achieving targeted KPIs. The six units are Digital Marketing, Product Development, Consumer Insights, Quality (R & R), Customer Service, and E-commerce.


About Wonderflow

Wonderflow empowers businesses with quick and impactful decision-making because it helps automate and deliver in-depth consumer and competitor insights. All within one place, results are simplified for professionals across any high-UGC organization, and department to access, understand, and share easily.

Compared to hiring more analysts, Wonderflow’s AI eliminates the need for human-led setup and analysis, resulting in thousands of structured and unstructured reviews analyzed within 2-3 weeks and near 99% accuracy. The system sources relevant private and public consumer feedback from over 200 channels, including emails, forums, call center logs, chat rooms, social media, and e-commerce.

What’s most unique is that its AI is the first-ever to help recommend personalized business actions and predict the impact of those actions on key outcomes. Wonderflow is leveraged by high-grade customers like Philips, DHL, Beko, Lavazza, Colgate-Palmolive, GSK, Delonghi, and more.


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