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Saved on external market research solutions, every year


Time saved on existing processes to gather and analyze customer feedback for actionable insights


New reviews gathered and analyzed every month


In 2018, Wonderflow started a project with a Global 500 consumer electronics company to analyze over 250 products with thousands of SKUs. Initially, we were approached by one division, and within one year, more than ten business units of the organization are using the Wonderboard, Wonderflow’s dashboard for its Natural Language Processing tool. They get better and quicker insights from ratings and reviews and use the data to improve their products and service, as well as make strategic decisions.


  • Over 50,000 new reviews analyzed every month
  • In total, over 1,500,000 reviews analyzed from German and English sources
  • Individuals and teams reduced up to 90% of their existing processes to gather, analyze and scrape customer feedback, saving them many hours every day
  • Over €600,000 saved on external market research solutions each year
  • Over 500 business users are trained to use the Wonderboard

Why should you read this case study?

Product or consumer marketeers, customer care/experience managers, business analysts, customer insights managers can benefit from the use-cases shared in this case study. It gives a clear example on how AI-driven customer feedback analysis can help you building a better experience for your clients, and can serve many different levels within your company.

Focusing on the customer insights that matter

Angela was one of the first people to experience the partnership with Wonderflow. The main reason she was excited to start working with the Wonderboard was the promise of saved time. Working for a customer-centric organization, she received a lot of requests from departments for customer analysis. Often, she had to delay or refuse these questions, as her team simply did not have enough time. It was impossible to find details of what was happening for each product in the market, due to the sheer volume of products produced and customer feedback given. With the time she is saving today, she is making decisions based on data which is analyzed in the Wonderboard. No requests are too big and every department can be serviced with the same level of accuracy.

consumer electronics customer feedback analysis

Slow insights generation blocked customer-centric thinking

Angela: “There was a constant struggle between wanting to help other departments and fulfil the strategic potential of being customer-centric and our day to day reality of having to scrape and analyze so many data points manually. I had to tell people ‘no’ way too many times, which in the end turned them off from asking for anything at all. This is not the way to make your organisation customer-centric. It needed to change and we found our solution.”

Whenever management prioritizes a product, Angela’s team produces insights of consumer’s views and experiences of the product. They do this work manually. The process usually takes anywhere between one and three weeks, and often even longer when a deeper analysis is required. Finding a sample of relevant reviews for a specific product is achieved fairly quickly, and the team copies these into an Excel sheet. The real challenge lies in analyzing the reviews and revealing the underlying trends. Furthermore, visualizing these for the people who requested the information takes a lot of time. Because analysis is manual, there’s a danger for a high level of inconsistency.

Because we did manual analysis, I had to turn down so many different departments that needed our insights. In the end, they stopped asking us at all…


After the initial period of setting up the Wonderboard and building the dictionary, the results showed immediately. Angela: “Generating actionable insights from all our reviews and customer feedback is maybe an hour of work, two if we really dive deep. In 5 minutes, you have all the data. We analyze more products, have access to more details, we generate more insights, and instead of two weeks, it’s now 10 minutes.” She does not worry about which analysis projects they can take on, and is actively pursuing opportunities to add value to other departments. “The Wonderboard saves so much time. We have so much more relevant information available. I am now able to truly assist our company on its mission to focus on the customer, and I can spend much more time on strategic decisions.”

The setup phase

During the initial setup phase, Angela was one of the dedicated testers of the solution. She worked closely with Anne, the dedicated project manager from Wonderflow, to customize the Wonderboard to fit the unique business cases she had. Angela: “It was amazing to see the partnership and engagement between Wonderflow and us. Anne and her colleagues truly became experts in our business and its challenges within the setup phase. The basics are easy to set up, but to truly make the most of the potential of the NLP tool, we defined an internal language so that anyone within our company can leverage the data.”

Anne: “Rather than going along a generic route, we demanded that we build a solution specifically for the client’s business case, to make it as effective as possible. Working with Angela and the other testers is fruitful, as we work with them to create something that will give them so much value in their jobs. They now all speak the same ‘language’ in meetings at every level of the organization.”

Marketing’s ability to understand market response

The consumer marketing teams relied on other departments for their customer data. Their biggest frustration was that the data often did not include the information they would require.On top of that, the data was often already out of date by the time they received it.

News of the early successes with Wonderflow spread fast within the global company. Once the consumer marketing team noticed the improvements in the quality and speed of delivery, they were eager to start using the tool for themselves. As Wonderflow offers an enterprise solution, there isn’t a limit to the number of users that can be trained for using the insights directly.

Launching new products requires access to immediate customer feedback analysis

The challenge for marketing was to improve their understanding of the ratings and reviews the products received. They needed to take a deep dive into consumer sentiment. Answering the question of why customers liked or disliked a particular feature, or even preferred other brands, was pertinent.

Brent, a senior product marketer, explains the way they worked: “Before we had the Wonderboard, we had a number of tools available, each of which did a part of the process. We scraped websites to read the numbers and reviews and gather insights into our pricing and features compared to those of our competitors. But none of this gave us any information on the question of ‘why’. We had to manually combine the data with the things we received from other departments. If a competitor launched a new product, I had to wait for weeks before I saw any data on the market response. There were many reasons for this, one being that they needed information collected by many different stakeholders in different departments around the world.

I was surprised at how accurate the data was. We worked with automated solutions before, but accuracy was always an issue.

Once the actionable insights generated through the Wonderboard by the customer care department started coming in, Brent spoke to management to get access to the data too. “Whenever I saw data before, I was not able to do anything with it. If it was outdated, I wasn’t able to update it. With the Wonderboard, I have all this information available immediately. As the data is scraped and analyzed by Wonderflow, there is no waiting involved and no more multiple stakeholders to chase. It is easy to do analysis on competitors and the (dis)advantages of a product. Best of all, it makes it easy to generate outcomes and actions for management based on this data analysis.”

Accuracy, granularity, consistency

“I was surprised at how accurate the data was,” explains Brent. “We worked with automated solutions before, but accuracy was always an issue. With the Wonderboard, we achieve the same accuracy as we do when a person analyzes the data, but we achieve a much higher number of records. On top of that, the analysis is much more granular and has, of course, better consistency.”

When launching new products, ratings and reviews are a critical and mandatory element for the company. Customer feedback is one of the best sources of market intelligence and needs to be handled and distributed quickly. Brent: “When launching a new product before, we had to wait forever for feedback. There was no process for it. You had to ask a favor of someone before you got the info you needed. With the Wonderboard, this is solved, as all the relevant stakeholders have access and are trained.”

Truly understanding what a user needs from the Wonderboard

Stefano, the project lead at Wonderflow, works closely with the different departments. “Being able to talk to different people and hear and understand their questions, we often see a bigger picture and can connect the dots really quickly. Based on this, we are now able to anticipate the user needs and to roll out new features to generate value instantly.”

Brent: “I appreciate the ability to pick up the phone and talk to anyone at Wonderflow if I have questions or face challenges. Working with a company that’s so focused on solving our issues makes them something more than just a supplier. They have dedicated people working on our business cases from the start, and we see them as colleagues even though they work for a different company. A true partnership.”

Strategic insights for management

Katrien, once a skeptic when it comes to automating customer feedback analysis, has become a power user of the Wonderboard, and one of the biggest advocates for Wonderflow internally. “As customer care management, we have worked with reviewing ratings and reviews for a long time. Customer feedback from call center data was a big source for insights, as well as manually scraping from platforms like Amazon’s local language sites.” As time was limited, the management had to prioritize which markets to cover. That prioritization meant losing valuable insights and opportunities.

Katrien: “Before we started leveraging the Wonderboard, all data collection was done through scraping and manually translating the transcripts and reviews using Google Translate. I used to do this myself. Less than motivating work, to say the least. Over time, ratings and reviews became a top-three source for strategic insights and a focus area for the board to steer the company towards better customer results, and with that, so did the Wonderboard.”

Because Wonderflow has the relevant information, I am able to answer questions within minutes, rather than days.

Relevant insights in minutes, rather than days

Requests for analysis by other departments come in daily, and this is where Katrien experiences the most benefit from working with the Wonderboard. “The biggest advantage is the time saved versus actionable insights produced. Recently, packaging asked what customers said about the packaging of a new product. Not too long ago, I had to extract all our scraped data to Excel, do a keyword search, and start categorizing. With Wonderflow, I can answer that question within minutes, rather than days. All the data is already scraped and categorized.”

Insights to make strategic decisions

Different managers are interested in the insights, and use the Wonderboard as the common thread during the monthly meetings. Katrien: “The Wonderboard allows us to be much more strategic, too. We report directly to management with reporting from the Wonderboard. During those meetings, we analyze the trends regarding customers and their perception of our products. We can, for example, decide whether the product engineers need to adapt a product, or marketing needs to highlight a particular feature in order to improve market perception and drive sales.”

The names in this case are anonymized.


Multiple departments globally and a large number of business users use the Wonderboard. As a result, the company saves money on a lot of different processes. To sum up a few of the key results:

  • Over 50,000 new reviews analyzed every month
  • In total, over 1,500,000 reviews analyzed from German and English sources
  • Individuals and teams reduced up to 90% of their existing processes to gather, analyze and scrape customer feedback, saving them many hours every day
  • Over €600,000 saved on external market research solutions each year
  • The Wonderboard is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. This resulted in a very high adoption rate within the company and an immediate positive impact.
  • A recent report by independent research firm Ovum highlighted the quick adoption by business users.

Future plans

  • New data sources are being included to increase the digested data. Call center data will increase to 20,000 recordings per month, and NPS feedback for multiple countries will be added.
  • More languages, including Chinese and Arabic, are being rolled out

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