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Big FMCG companies spend a lot of time and money on packaging design. But is the outcome always what the customers want? For many products it may be the first and last way to communicate with the company.

A well-packaged product can be a guarantee of consumer protection as well as allowing the customer to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Companies need to attract attention on crowded shelves, provide often detailed information and do all this within branding restrictions. Traditional research to find out about the impact of packaging is time-consuming, expensive and does not give real feedback. There are better, cheaper and faster ways to get concrete insights.

Why should you read this case study?

A lot of insight can be gained from traditional research like market analysis and face-to-face focus group research. However, for product managers, marketers and packaging designers, the environment is changing. New forms of research are available that can give you insights to develop products completely around the needs and preferences of the users.

Are you a brand manager, product development of marketing VP dealing with packaging and product marketing? Read this use case on how customer feedback can help you optimize your branding and packaging.

Analyzing free format text from traditional research

Wonderflow was asked by a large FMCG company to run an analysis based on customer feedback that had been collected through regular research (approx 6000 reviews) of the company product packaging for a technology product. The project had a time span of only 2-3 weeks from the beginning (receiving the dataset) to end (reporting with actionable insights).

Wonderflow extracted and cleaned the right data from the dataset in order to analyze the free format text.

Alongside the time constraints Wonderflow faced a number of challenges:

  • Collect and extract the right dataset
  • Create a POV when starting with new technology in an existing market
  • Draw the right conclusions/actionable insights with a focus on package design

After analyzing the feedback through NLP, Wonderflow found two aspects of the packaging and design that stood out:

  1. Colour: Customers mention that they prefer white packaging more than colored ones
  2. Branding: Customers appreciate provocative, action-oriented product names such as “Attack Blossom” or “Power of 10 hands”

Results: Based on the analysis the packaging was redesigned following the clear and strong customer insights.

Product packaging is considered as the ultimate opportunity for marketers to communicate the brand’s message visually

The information in this case study is confidential. Brands and company names are anonymized.


Traditional research has its limitations and there is always a bias to do what has been done before with packaging. Seeing things through the eyes of the consumer especially just after purchase and evaluating design within the context of a changing market is always hard.

Wonderflow helped the client break free from the cycle by generating provocative new insights. Using results from traditional research that otherwise could not be analyzed Wonderflow developed clear and actionable insights for the packaging design for a specific product and market.

Results: Based on the analysis the packaging was redesigned following the clear and strong customer insights.

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