Use case: Analyse app store reviews

What do they say about your app?

App store review analysis

Yearly consumer spending in the app stores

58 billion

People who check ratings before downloading a new app


% of the top 100 paid apps who have at least a 4 star rating


Apps are increasingly becoming a serious source of income for many companies- this alone makes app stores an important market to understand in themselves. And yet, the customer dynamic within them and the drivers behind feedback scores or still difficult to understand. With hundreds of millions of users globally, these stores contain a vast amount of customer feedback about all the apps.

Why should you read this case study?

App development and management used to be a minor part of the overall marketing push for a product. As they become more important, even the primary touchpoint, they are on the agenda of the entire organization from brand management, marketing and up to the senior leadership.

Are you working with customer insights or doing market research for your organization’s successful apps? Do you want to know how app updates may affect your overall customer satisfaction? And would you like to know how your competitors are doing in the app store? You can read all about these aspects in this case study. You find out how customer feedback analysis based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) can give you all the insights you need.

How to get ratings and reviews from an app store?

Wonderflow was collecting and analyzing reviews and ratings for a major client’s physical product from the e-commerce platforms they were sold on. However, a growing proportion of the turnover was coming from the app stores where they also sell their software as an app. The marketing department asked Wonderflow to investigate the options of collecting and analyzing the ratings and reviews from the app stores.

The challenges that we faced

  • Technically extract the reviews from the app stores
  • Run analyses to understand customer sentiment and drivers behind feedback scores
  • Comparison of these reviews with reviews from other sources such as e-commerce platforms and customer review websites
  • Turn these reviews into actionable insights

The future of mobile is the future of online

Wonderflow set up a data collection program for the app stores which in itself had a lot of technical complexities and implications. Nevertheless, the large volume of ratings and reviews coming from the app stores also generated a raft of invaluable new insights.This is because Wondeflow not only analysed the clients feedback and reviews but also those of competitors on the various platforms. This allowed us to not allow define a competitive landscape for the app but also understand the drivers behind feedback scores and the major points of differentiation between the client’s app and equivalents from competitors.

Actions taken by the client

  • Build a short feedback loop after every software update
  • Improve the digital product based on feedback combined with a competitor analysis
  • Compare hardware and software reviews to give new insights to develop an integrated long term strategy

Result: Set up an integrated approach with all departments and products based on the work with the Wonderflow data

The information in this case study is confidential. Brands and company names are anonymized.


Collecting and analyzing data from the app stores for both the client and the competitor gave a completely new 360º view on the market and the real drivers behind customer satisfaction revealed in feedback scores. In combination with the hardware data, the client involved all departments in the process of becoming customer-centric.

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