Drive success with the most advanced text analysis for product reviews

Millions of product reviews are written every day. Wonderflow is the simplest AI-based solution to analyze them and turn this extremely vast stream of customer feedback into winning decisions.

ratings & reviews - Customer feedback with annotated sentiment analysis

Market insights with millions of datapoints

Analyze key trends around your own products and that of your competitors'

Detect product issues

Identify hundreds of different topics mentioned by customers in their product reviews.

Raise your star rating

Learn what product features are most relevant to increase a product's star rating.

Empower market research

Combine the most advanced techniques for matching, cleaning, and deduplicating feedback.

Keep an eye on the competition

Get insights on products and competitors, as shared by your very own customers.

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Access the world’s largest database of indexed consumer reviews

Wonderflow's public data collection engine collects reviews from hundreds of web channels with 99% accuracy. It then prepares the data for any analysis, thanks to its 6-level cleaning and deduplication processes.

  • 200+ online channels, and counting
  • 10+ million reviews
  • Unlimited SKUs
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Data Quality

Data Quality: One thing your analysis should never compromise on

Designed for success

We built our NLP models hand-in-hand with our customers. So, Wonderflow is the most business- oriented, unified analytics platform.

The most accurate AI for customer review analysis

Our top-notch AI can deliver up to 82% of accuracy with classifying topics in CE and CPG customer reviews.

A granular approach to sentiment text analysis

Our specialized NLP detects over 150 topics per product vertical, delivering trustworthy insights that you use to make decisions.

Quality SLA

Expect transparent quality measurement and insurance technology at each step of the data-management process.

ratings & reviews - Wonderflow takes care of data quality

Beyond prediction

The only predictive AI validated by Fortune 500

We're the world’s first predictive and prescriptive VoC analytics solution to show you what's happening, how things are going, what to do, and how to do them. It makes suggestions that reflect the best business outcomes. Plus, real insights backed by Fortune 500 companies.

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most trusted feedback analysis solution for customer-centric firms to drive success

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Take your e-commerce to the next level

Get a real feeling of what the data is telling you. Wonderflow identifies and pinpoints the source among all the collected insights. Thus, leading you right to the review. You can always find out why customers are unhappy with a specific feature or why they like it so much.

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Turn the customer's suggestions into winning decisions

Most customers review their purchases, giving out not only feedback but often suggestions. The majority of analytics software misses out on these critical notes, but Wonderflow helps you to tap into them with absolute ease.

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Frequently asked questions

Are competitor ratings & reviews included?

Yes, they are. Wonderflow extracts insights from your competitors' public data, too. If a competitor's public feedback is not currently in our feedback data lake, you can request it, and it shall be added.

What is so special about your NLP reviews analysis?

Well, it is our specialty. We have the most granular and high-performing ontologies for your industry. They're ready to be used without any manual configuration needed on your side. On average, our VoC text analysis covers 100 to 150 topics for each product category (3x more granular than any other platform) and is organized in a multilevel hierarchy. So, you can explore from the most generic product topics to the more specifics. For each topic, our artificial intelligence can determine customer sentiment on a 3-level scale: positive, negative, neutral. Also, this specific feature of our tool is triggered when a topic pops up in a customer question, such as from an online support ticket.

Why is Wonderflow so good at ratings & reviews analysis?

Rating and reviews are our bread and butter. We can collect public feedback data with the highest accuracy on the market from hundreds of online sources. Thanks to our indexing technology, we can associate each feedback at SKU/EAN level. Our cleansing/deduplication software cuts down an average of 20%+ errors in the analysis. If that's not enough, our semantic knowledge base is the largest market for many industries, and our data lake hosts million of high-resolution analyzed reviews. Wonderflow's predictive AI is simply the cherry on top.

Does Wonderflow integrate with other solutions?

By design, Wonderflow can integrate all pre-existing feedback solutions (like Medallia, Sprinklr, Salesforce, Bazaarvoice, etc.) that your company uses to manage customer feedback. Wonderflow can eventually set up custom integration (both in and out) using API.

Why is quality so important in VOC text analysis?

If you want to make decisions with data, you need data you can trust. The measure of trust from your analytics providers is the quality of data they provide. However, few providers have quality insurance and measurement processes like what Wonderflow owns. Thanks to our technology, we measure and test the data quality at each step of the data management process - from the collection (for public data) to analysis. For instance, our predictive AI is highly specialized in most consumer goods verticals. In this case, we've hit 82% accuracy (the highest achievable in Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis). We continuously measure and improve its capabilities based on the new data we collect.

Why do I need a single point of truth for the analysis of the Voice of The Customers?

Having VoC silos often involves many different business providers to manage specific touchpoints (e.g., one for social, one for support center, customer reviews, etc.). However, when you try to share insights throughout the whole organization, it can prevent some department members from understanding a certain language of those original insights shared. Companies can overcome this confusion in knowledge sharing by having a unified analysis system like Wonderflow. It extracts insights from all your products' open-text feedback and presents the data in one common language that your entire staff can easily understand. Our tool is the foundation needed to build a harmonized internal infrastructure.

Still have questions?

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