Mobility is changing from four wheels to one click

At this moment, around 55% of the world’s population is thought to be living in an urban area. And that number will grow over the coming decades. This means more people need new products and services for transportation. In order to develop these solutions, providers need solid customer feedback analysis in mobility.

Mobility sector


of the buyers’ search time for a new vehicle is online


Annual growth rate of car sharing market


Uplift in sales conversion from people who read reviews

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We give mobility providers the consumer insights they need

Mobility is changing rapidly. There is the need for ‘green’ solutions, new technology and the change to shared and self-driving cars. The provider that can make the best fit with the customers’ needs will have pole position.

Learn what the most important sources of customer feedback in 2019 are in this video.

  1. 1. Collect

    Wonderflow collects and unifies unstructured and structured feedback from 200+ internal and public sources.

  2. 2. Analyze

    A unique analysis process unveils actionable insights to find out what people care about. Powerful AI highlights the most impactful improvements.

  3. 3. Act

    Empower impactful decision-making with actionable insights, available in the most accessible dashboard in the market.

Our process

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We offer complete employee feedback analysis in one place

  • Data collection
  • Structuring dataset
  • Configure linguistics
  • Analyze the data
  • 24/7 dashboard
  • Custom reporting
  • Unlimited user-accounts
  • Training & E-learning
  • Export options
  • Support & Consultancy

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