Make your call center a revenue resource by finding the most recurrent topics in customers' chats. Improve the First Call Resolution and customer satisfaction with Wonderflow's AI customer feedback analysis tool.

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  1. 1. Collect

    Wonderflow collects and unifies unstructured and structured feedback from 200+ internal and public sources.

  2. 2. Analyze

    A unique analysis process unveils actionable insights to find out what people care about. Powerful AI highlights the most impactful improvements.

  3. 3. Act

    Empower impactful decision-making with actionable insights, available in the most accessible dashboard in the market.

Lower by nearly 50% calls and complaints using our industry-tailored AI

In working with Prima Assicurazioni, Wonderflow analyzed their call center's internal feedback data to better understand trending topics mentioned by their customers and enhance the agents' efforts.

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"Thanks to Wonderflow, our operators were able to focus their attention on the most critical problems and questions our customers face, thus optimizing our contact center operations."

Search Engine Optimization Manager, Prima Assicurazioni
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Call Center costs drops thanks to wonderflow

Unify both private and public feedback analysis with the safest data processing

Internal feedback analysis is vital for insurance brands, that's why Wonderflow protects and processes sensitive data in the safest way possible. It also has no rivals when it comes to analyzing public ratings and reviews, helping you improve your customer acquisition rate. 

  • High-end security: Wonderflow is ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR compliant
  • Create action plans to transform insights into sales
  • Extract valuable insights from transcripts of all phone calls
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Sentiment analysis on user Reviews thanks to wonderflow

Boosting insurance sales through an AI-Driven Unified VoC Analytics

With the help of Wonderflow, insurance firms could solve multiple issues, such as dissolving the high volume of emails to customer calls and outcompeting other brands. Plus, significantly increasing subscription renewals and enhancing marketing communications.

"The easiest way to assess your company’s performance is to compare it to your competitors’. And consumer reviews on your competitors and their products are often freely available."

Contact Center Manager, Insurance Leader Company
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How VoC Analytics reduce call center costs

The average cost of a customer service phone call is around $40 per interaction ($2.13/minute) and $10 per text interaction. However, the use of AI VoC analytics in customer care can reduce the average handling time by up to 40% - all thanks to ad-hoc agent training. A preventive explanation of simple issues on existing channels* (FAQ, Troubleshooting, Chatbot) can deliver a ~14% cut in interactions.

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Histograms about how customer care costs lower by 40% with wonderflow

Most trusted feedback analysis solution for consumer-centric firms to drive success

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Why call center analytics matter and how to use it to generate revenue

Customer care centers can be a profitable resource for companies if call center analytics is leveraged correctly. Discover the value of call centers and how to analyze their data.

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Customer Experience and Competitor insights as seen by the buyers

Customers don't just talk exclusively about you, but also about your competitors. Wonderflow can show you what they are saying about your products and give you easy access to insights on your competitors' lineups to gain an advantage.

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