Generate new opportunities using insights from customer care data

Customer care and contact centers provide more useful insights than many would think to help improve products and services. With our analytics, call centers can become a more profitable resource than just a cost center.

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Unleash the power of VoC analytics, starting with your call centers data

Leverage what you own

Cut costs by optimizing existing resources to capture their full value for driving sales.

Drastically lower churn

Easily detect product issues and quickly react, thus lowering customer churn while increasing loyalty.

Increase stars and scores

See how AI predicts the best outcomes of your decisions, suggesting actions to increase product stars and satisfaction.

Go above and beyond

Go beyond the post-call survey and listen to your customers wherever: inbound calls, outbound calls, IVR , mobile, text, chat, etc.

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Share enterprise-ready metrics with agents, team leads, and more

From the raw data analysis to closing a deal, our powerful analysis moves crazy fast while involving all the right departments to obtain balanced insights.

  • Link quality call-center-data analysis with happier customers
  • Create action plans to transform insights into sales
  • Extract valuable insights from transcripts of all phone calls
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An A.I. with a human touch

Beyond selling, our robot has a heart. Wonderflow wants to sit down, learn and chat about your specific business and industry's needs. Our humanistic approach has led us to work across many different verticals with our enterprise customers. From tailoring NLP models right beside them to offering customized support, plus more, we're always the last to go home.

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Meet the highest standard of analysis

Wonderflow is the most useful and accurate text analysis tool because our highly skilled linguistics team is paired with world-class artificial intelligence.

  • Achieve higher accuracy of 50%+ than other generalist engines in the market.
  • Detect over 150 topics per product vertical.
  • Automate text analysis to uncover customer sentiment, key trends, and topics.
  • Up to 100% more granular than competing generalists.
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Most trusted feedback analysis solution for customer-centric firms to drive success

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A single source of truth

Aggregate in one platform using both private and public reviews from different channels. Unify all customer feedback data for a more comprehensive analysis. All in one place, at one time.

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Data is just the beginning; see what comes next

Aggregate in one platform using both private and public reviews. Unify all customer feedback data from different sources for a more comprehensive overview.

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