Colgate-Palmolive Challenge: Building a Consumer-Centric Omnichannel Approach

What does it really mean to be consumer-centric in today’s digitally disruptive world? In this webinar, large companies that are willing to get the best out of the consumer-centric era can learn advice shared by the global fast-moving consumer goods brand Colgate-Palmolive.

What to expect

  • How and why building an omnichannel VoC program in the FMCG market

  • Advantages of customer sentiment analysis automation

  • How to use Wonderflow as an external & internal feedback data analysis connector

About this Webinar

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Colgate-Palmolive, Omnichannel approach, FMCG

Who spoke

Veatriki Tzannatos

European Division Consumer Affairs Manager at Colgate-Palmolive

Xavier Vaissiere

Growth Insights Manager at Colgate-Palmolive

Ranvish Vir

Customer Success Director