A Fortune 500 consumer electronics firm improved ratings with Wonderflow

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Learn how a global consumer electronics brand used text analytics to save a new product launch, improving average star ratings by 6% and sales by 4% while saving €500,000 in R&D costs.

  • 4% increase in sales

  • 6% boost in average star ratings

  • €500K saved in R&D costs

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This case study shows how a multinational consumer electronics company improved sales and conversions for a new product launch. In particular, leveraging an advanced text analytics solution to help pinpoint the exact issue behind low sales of their new electric razor.

Our client is a large health-tech company. They are well known for their high-quality and innovative products, which aim to improve the lives of both clinical patients and everyday consumers.

As Lotte, our client’s Product Manager, helped to explain:

In the first weeks of release, the results were disheartening. We had done all the tests, and we couldn’t imagine what the reason behind such low scores was.
Lotte, Product Manager at global consumer electronics company

Pinpointing the exact cause behind new product launch low sales

Main Problem

The main challenge arose when our client released a brand new electric razor for men. It was cordless and came with a printed instruction manual, several different blade options, and a separate charging adapter. Our client’s research and development team invested thousands of euros into creating the razor, running successful tests, and were highly confident that everything would be a smash hit.

However, several weeks after the new product launch, Lotte noticed that across several seller review platforms, the product’s average star ratings dropped to 3.6. This score was also lower than the brand’s other similar models.

Rebecca, our client’s Customer Service Manager, reported that the razor’s return and exchange rates rose significantly in that period. Also, her customer care department received an abnormally higher volume of buyer complaints than in previous periods, mainly about this particular new razor.

Fortune 500 consumer electronics brand leverages Wonderflow: Getting to the heart of the problem

Main Solution

What convinced our client of our technology was:

In addition to those benefits, our client also eliminated the need to hire new market researchers or analysts, thus saving on talent acquisition costs. Unlike technologies requiring some manual efforts, Wonderflow’s AI required little to no work done by people. It could analyze the entire dataset about this particular electric razor within two weeks, including set up time. This also saved the firm a huge chunk of time while offering them the full explanation for why buyers were unhappy with the razor.

As Lotte shared:

In this [the electric razor] case, we received a quick response from the voice of the consumer and were able to save time, money and get back on track. We’ll have to keep a closer eye on consumer feedback from now on.
Lotte, Product Manager at consumer electronics company

Successful Product Launch: It's all a matter of communication

Main Results

Not only was our client overall happy with the quick access to insights as provided by Wonderflow’s technology, but they were also pleased with their ability to act quickly based on data. While we focused on the analysis, the consumer electronics leader prioritized fixing the actual consumer problem.


Wonderflow respects the client’s wish to share limited information in this case study. To get the full story, download the report.

To learn more about our technology, check out our solution pages tailored for Consumer Electronics companies, Customer Care & Call Center managers or Product Development (R&D) managers.

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