Unify 200+ customer feedback sources into an easy-to-use dashboard

Empower your people with the best insights, based on state-of-the-art customer feedback analysis.

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From online and offline marketing activities


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Get results in months, not years


Customer care

Resulting from reduction of calls and increase in of FCR

VoC analytics for everyone

The Wonderboard is the simplest end-to-end solution for customer feedback analysis, featuring strong predictive capabilities.

  • Leverage Wonderflow’s unique predictive capabilities to identify the most impactful product or service improvements
  • Identify how to improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn through root cause analysis
  • Collect and analyze public feedback about competitors for interactive market research and competitor analysis

A unified view

The Wonderboard combines all feedback sources into a single system for your teams to learn from customer feedback analytics.

  • Automatically collect and analyze public data sources, such as ratings and reviews on e-commerce websites, and Youtube comments
  • Integrate data from your service, experience, and sales applications (such as Salesforce, Bazaarvoice, Zendesk, Qualtrics, Sprinklr, and others)
  • The collected data is transformed to meet the highest standard of analysis, and is translated into the languages of your choice

Powerful analytics

Wonderflow has a unique approach to text analytics, combining a team of highly experienced linguistics with top-notch artificial intelligence technology.

  • Turn unstructured and structured feedback into actionable insights for your teams
  • Identify key topics that are likely to drive the most impact through Wonderflow’s predictive analysis
  • Automate text and statistical analysis to uncover sentiment, trends, and key topics

Empowered decision-making

Anyone in your company, from product managers to CEOs, are empowered with actionable insights to make impactful decisions.

  • The Wonderboard, is recognized as the most accessible dashboard for users in business-oriented roles (Omdia Market Radar)
  • Deep-dive on the data with unmatched data exploration capabilities
  • Users can report insights directly from the Wonderboard, export the data, or enable APIs for their preferred BI tool


Wonderflow maintains an extensive and seamless record of working with large-scale and complex organizations with ease. Performance, stability, accessibility, and security: these elements are at the core of our offering.
This allows your customer feedback program to scale effortlessly, while maintaining the highest level of accuracy in your insights.


Security is key when handling millions of pieces of customer and employee feedback. The Wonderboard is built following the most secure cloud computing principles.

This protects and anonymizes information, identities, applications, and devices. Wonderflow is ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR compliant.

How a Global 500 automates the analysis of millions of customer feedback records in a single platform

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