Plans scale with your growth


  • Analyze up to 6000 feedback / y
  • 1 user
  • Standard support and onboarding
  • No customization options available


  • Analyze up to 60.000 feedback / y
  • 5 users
  • Customization options available
  • Best suited for Small and Medium Enterprises


  • Analyze unlimited feedback records
  • Unlimited users
  • Dedicated enterprise support
  • Dedicated enterprise onboarding
  • Customization included

Frequently asked questions

What are Feedback Records?

A Feedback Record can be one call center record (i.e. one transcribed conversation), a scraped rating and review, or anything like that. Feedback Records are calculated for your entire organization. Feedback Records are calculated as the total number of records in the system.

Is the limit increased each month, or do we get access to the total number of Feedback Records?

At the start of your contract, and then every renewal period onwards, your available Feedback Records are refreshed. This means that you will have all your records available at the start of your contract, which allows you to integrate a larger set of historical information, too.

Can my organization analyze any historical data, or only from the start of the contract onwards?

If the data is available and has the right metadata (e.g. date), the Wonderboard can integrate it. Whether it is concerns CRM data, call center logs, ratings and reviews that are publically available, all of this data can be integrated into the Wonderboard, and seen on a timeline.

What happens if I go over my maximum number of Feedback Records?

We don’t stop collecting your data. Yet while we store all data sent to us by our customers, we do limit the number of Feedback Records a user can see and analyze for some of our plans. Upgrading your account will provide access to more data. Once you get close to the maximum amount of Feedback Records, your account manager will reach out to you to discuss the options.

Is there a free trial?

Wonderflow offers a demo call for Essential. For Premium and Enterprise the next step is a paid pilot phase. During this pilot, the system integrates a set number of records and your team can already explore the insights in the Wonderboard.

How can I estimate the number of Feedback Records my organization will need?

To get an idea of your Feedback Records count, add up your yearly number of incoming records that you want to analyze. If you are integrating multiple sources, these need to be combined.