Did you know that Braun customers appreciate their shavers for speed and handling?

Wonderflow built the Grooming VOC Report extracting insights from hundreds of thousands consumer reviews to help you answer important questions like this one.

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Braun Razor for male grooming

What are the positive and negative aspects that stand out about Braun Electric Shavers?

Most customers review the products they buy and report what they like and dislike. When hundreds of thousands of reviews are analyzed, as we have done in the Grooming VOC report, interesting insights pop up.

Top 3 most relevant positive topics for Braun shavers

  1. Overall Satisfaction
  2. Speed
  3. Handling

Top 3 most relevant negative topics for Braun shavers

  1. Price
  2. Charging Performance
  3. Portable
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Where is the data in the Grooming VOC report coming from?

We collected, cleaned, and processed more than 500 thousand ratings and reviews from hundreds of online channels (like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Mediamarkt etc.), covering ~20k product SKUs in 30 countries.

Wonderflow public data collection engine is able to collect reviews from hundreds of web channels with 99% accuracy. It makes the data ready for any analysis thanks to it's 6 level cleaning and deduplication process.

Where wonderflow pull its data amazon ebay darty small kitchen appliances blenders

What insights did you extract from customer reviews?

Thanks to Wonderflow Artificial Intelligence we have detected hundreds of different topics mentioned by customers in their reviews of grooming products. We also used Wonderflow prescriptive and predictive technology to find out what product characteristics are most relevant in increasing star rating.

Wonderflow Artificial Intelligence has been developed specifically on the Grooming vertical and delivers the best accuracy and resolution on the market for topic detection.

Customer review of a razor positive and negative mentions with sentiment analysis

What did it take to build a report with such extensive data?

We simply logged into the Wonderboard, found the most important insights extracted by the Artificial Intelligence, and put them in a presentation: click, done.

The Wonderboard has been recognised as the easiest to use CX analytics dashboard and can help you save hundreds of hours in manually searching for insights on customer reviews. If you want to see it in action request a demo.

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Get the VOC grooming report

The Grooming VOC report aims to provide insights on what consumers are looking for when buying Men’s Grooming products; specifically, Electric Shavers. Download this report and learn:

  • What are the key facts and figures in the Grooming industry?
  • For Electric Shavers, what are the positive aspects and the areas in need of improvement?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the major players in the market?
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