Insights for all businesses

All companies deal with customer, stakeholder and employee feedback, in business-to-consumer as well as business-to-business markets. Wonderflow offers a platform that turns this feedback into actionable insights. Our AI-based text and sentiment analysis can effectively process and report back on vast volumes of feedback.


Is your business related to mobility or automotive? Check out what Wonderflow can do for you.

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Logistics Services

Operators in logistics get loads of feedback. Do you also want to know how to improve your services?

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Consumer electronics

Consumer electronic products receive the most public feedback. Learn how we turn this into actionable insights.

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Consumer goods

No matter what product you sell, consumers will give you feedback. We tell you what they say.

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Human resources

From talent acquisition to employee satisfaction our AI-based technology gives you the answers.

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Financial services

More than ever, financial services are reviewed by consumers. We show you what they say.

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Custom industry solutions

Wonderflow can offer a solution for every organization that wants to become customer-centric, from commercial to non-profit, from global to local. Contact us to see what we can do for you.