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The simplest end-to-end solution to collect, analyze, and act on all types of customer feedback.

Turn customer feedback into impactful actions

Empower your people with the best insights, based on state-of-the-art customer feedback analysis.

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Leading companies leverage Wonderflow

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  1. 1. Collect

    Wonderflow collects and unifies unstructured and structured feedback from 200+ internal and public sources.

  2. 2. Analyze

    A unique analysis process unveils actionable insights to find out what people care about. Powerful AI highlights the most impactful improvements.

  3. 3. Act

    Empower impactful decision-making with actionable insights, available in the most accessible dashboard in the market.

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What they are saying about us

“At DHL Express, we take customer feedback very seriously. Wonderflow helps us gather all these types of customer feedback in one place. Through the state-of-the art NLP engine they offer, all our data is analyzed, categorized and presented in an easy to understand online dashboard. With Wonderflow, we at DHL Express Netherlands are taking the next step towards becoming truly customer-centric.”

Cyrella Hofman

CX Program Manager, Quality & Strategic Programs - DHL Express

“Wonderflow has made our life so much easier here at TomTom. Before, we spent hours analyzing customer reviews. This was taking us a lot of time. With Wonderflow, we can analyze a plethora of reviews for more than 20 countries. Their "we think with you" mentality is really unique.

Dominique Rolink

Product Marketing Manager - TomTom

“Any business in the consumer products market that wants to differentiate its products and create a positive customer experience with minimal development costs should take a look at Wonderflow. It puts the power of analysis in the hands of business people, who need to make the many trade-off decisions that go into product development. It helps them identify what really matters to customers.”

Jeremy Cox

Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement Strategy & Platforms - Omdia