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The Wonder Foundation is a charity of Wonderflow. As part of its mission to help disadvantaged students and families gain easier access to tech-related jobs and education, its board members have partnered with Epicode, a rigorous coding school that preps passionate professionals for a career in IT.

Together, we’ve scouted talented young individuals, particularly those interested in AI, computer science, and web development, to provide them with scholarships, training resources, internships, and more.

In our latest WonderStudent interview series, we’re happy to sit down with an Epicode graduate and a selected scholarship recipient of the Wonder Foundation, Simone Sciuto, a 28-year-old with a passion for the graphic design field.

Read on to learn more about him and how he can empower young professionals in tech!


1. Nice to meet you, Simone! Would you please tell us a little about yourself, your passion, and your studies?

Simone: My name is Simone. I am 28 years old, and I was born in Milan. I’ve always been passionate about art, design, and technology. I graduated in interior design in 2017.

These passions of mine pushed me towards a personal digital art project called “@artenevrotica,” which is becoming successful. 

To support myself on the side, I have been working in the restaurant business. Specifically, I deal with cocktails and have held this role for years. I’ve even decided to specialize there too, and several mixology courses have made me happy, including being in several newspapers and magazines.

2. You seem to have two very different paths, but how did you start programming with Epicode?

Simone: As mentioned, my passion for technology has always pushed me not to look at the world of code with fear.

Having graphic design skills and studying code, I knew this would allow me to push myself towards the wild web and find a way to express myself through coding as a true form of art – whatever it is!

I also decided to enroll at Epicode at a time when I was confined in my house and alone due to COVID-19. I hadn’t seen anyone for more than 20 days, and I understood that that break had to be my push and a motivation to change. It exhausted me that I finally decided to really follow my passions!

3. When did you realize you wanted to devote yourself to web development and programming?

Simone: Difficult question! Perhaps the first time I saw an Arduino in operation, I thought, “I want to know how to do it!”.

It has always been a fixed point in my brain, which I was afraid to discover because maybe I thought it was too complicated. But also thanks to Epicode, I realized that I could do it.

4. As our society moves fast towards a more digital future with data science, machine learning, and AI being some of the biggest trends, what is your take on all of this? How do you see it in 10 years?

Simone: The world is changing so quickly from this point of view that even science fiction films now seem like a story for children.

I am afraid that man will be sucked into the same technology that he developed simply because we are misusing it.

But in 10 years, I hope that technology will finally be used to create equality among human beings.

5. What has the opportunity of receiving the Wonderflow scholarship meant for you?

Simone: Honestly, it was my first scholarship. Despite applying for others, I never managed to get them. The scholarship gave me confidence! It allowed me to face the course with a different spirit and reminded me every day why I was making this change in life. It encouraged me to give it my all.

6. Did you have some expectations that you’d be selected by the Wonder Foundation?

Simone: I was hoping for it, but honestly, not.

7. Where do you work now? Are you satisfied with your first IT role?

Simone: I have started an internship (well paid) in another city, which is aimed at recruiting. I feel really good, and the environment is beautiful.

8. Lastly, what’s next for you? What are your professional goals?

Simone: Who can tell! For now, I imagine the life of a digital nomad! But in life, I understood that you change. You just need to know how to listen and understand when the time has come to do something and not reject it or be afraid of it! Because of this opportunity, I thank you again for believing in me.


Simone, thank you for your input! We wish you great success in your career!

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