WonderStudent: Krisiana Dumi, Grant Recipient & Epicode IT Grad

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Krisiana Dumi

The Wonder Foundation is a charity of Wonderflow. As part of its mission to help disadvantaged students and families gain easier access to tech-related jobs and education, its board members have partnered with Epicode, a rigorous coding school that preps passionate professionals for a career in IT.

Together, we’ve scouted talented young individuals, particularly those interested in AI, computer science, and web development, to provide them with scholarships, training resources, internships, and more.

In our latest WonderStudent interview series, we’re happy to sit down with an Epicode graduate and a selected scholarship recipient of the Wonder Foundation, Krisiana Dumi. She is an aspiring 30-year-old Front End Developer living in Como, Italy.

Read on to learn more about her and how she can empower young professionals in tech!


1. Krisiana, thank you for your time in answering a few things.  First, we’re pleased to have chosen you among our scholarship applicants. Congrats, also, on your recent successes since graduating from Epicode. Can you briefly tell us a bit about yourself?

Krisiana: I studied law, but it never fascinated me very much. Immediately after graduating, I decided that it would not be the career I wanted to pursue.

So, I worked in various sectors and companies, always noticing that the work became boring after a while. Computer science was not a passion of mine at the beginning. I had some experience in high school but only viewed it superficially. I gradually realized that it fascinates me and will not tire me.

2. How did you start programming and also specifically with Epicode?

Krisiana: I started programming, thanks to my boyfriend. He deals with computer science, and looking at what he was doing, I remembered what I did in high school. I thought about it for a bit and realized that I would have liked to know more about this field.

A few months earlier, a friend of mine had also started a programming course similar to Epicode. So, then these things motivated me to look a little online for various schools and classes. In the end, I chose Epicode School.

3. When exactly did you realize you wanted to devote yourself to web development and programming?

Krisiana: I realized it the moment I started trying to get involved with IT by learning about it via enrolled classes. Before starting Epicode’s course, I searched online and found some helpful resources. I started reading around, and I just imagined that I would never get bored in web development and always have to learn.

4. As our society moves fast towards a more digital future, with data science, machine learning, and AI being some of the biggest trends, what is your take on all of this? How do you see it in 10 years?

Krisiana: I think that technology is the basis of everything, and computer science is already used everywhere and for almost everything. I, therefore, expect this trend to continue in the coming years, and the use of technology will increase more and more.

I also believe that machine learning and artificial intelligence will be used daily and will form the basis of future technology.

5. What has the opportunity of receiving the Wonderflow scholarship meant for you?

Krisiana: The scholarship was very helpful for me. At first, when I was looking around at the courses, I saw that all of them were priced slightly out of my budget. I did not have someone who could always financially support me.

But I did have a permanent job at the time. I knew that I would have to quit my job if I wanted to switch careers to IT. I would then have been without a salary for a few months. So, even a little support like getting the scholarship helped me get started in coding.

6. Did you have some expectations that the Wonder Foundation would select you?

Krisiana: I did not expect it! I was hoping for it, but I didn’t believe it too much. Luckily for me, it went well, allowing me to enter IT and possibly change my future for the better.

Also, I would further be curious to know why I was selected and what you were looking for in the ideal candidate for your scholarship!

7. Where do you work now? Are you satisfied with your first IT role?

Krisiana: I’ve recently started my first work experience in coding after weeks of interviews with various companies. Currently, it is an internship at Banco di Desio where I deal with the development of internal applications.

I can say that I am satisfied, but it is only the beginning, I am still learning, and I know that there will still be a lot more to learn.

8. Lastly, what’s next for you? What are your future professional goals?

Krisiana: We’ll see later! My main goal is to make myself at least independent in web development. At the moment, I depend a lot on other people for the various shortcomings of the technology field.

Yet, I am gradually learning how to move through and overcome its challenges independently. Once I feel more confident, and once I master some technologies, I will be able to understand better other goals or what I want.


Thank you again, Krisiana for sharing!  We hope your story can inspire other ambitious professionals looking to start a career in IT.  For now, we wish you good luck with your internship and will be in touch with you soon again!

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