Wonderflow raises 2 million euros in equity financing to amplify rapid growth. The round is led by P101 SGR with EIT Digital and Jan Bennink

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AMSTERDAM, December 15, 2020 – Wonderflow, the big data company that supports companies by analyzing consumer feedback closes a €2 million investment round led by the manager of Venture Capital P101 SGR, through its  P102 and ITALIA 500 sibling funds. The operation sees the participation of the European organization for innovation (EIT Digital) and Jan Bennink, a Dutch business executive with a long experience in management executive of companies such as Danone, Numico, Douwe Egberts, Sara Lee, as well as a member of the board of directors of companies such as Coca Cola, Kraft, Boots, which with this operation becomes part of the Wonderflow board.

Through these funds, the company intends to consolidate its positioning in Europe and expand its commercial network, in order to respond to the ever-increasing demand for customer feedback services:

  • This is the Second round for the Dutch Italian Startup so far which has raised a total of 4M euro of investment
  • The second 2M round is led by P101 SGR with its sibling funds P102 and Italia 500 (Azimut Group). Jan Bennink (one of the most successful serial dutch entrepreneurs and a veteran of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry) and EIT digital (The European Organization for innovation)
  • The funding will support Wonderflow in consolidating its position in the European Market and in answering the growing market request of its services.

“For any brand it is important to get to know its consumer in depth, understand their needs and anticipate their needs, especially in a global market – says Giuseppe Donvito, Partner of P101 SGR. – Thanks to artificial intelligence it is now possible to quickly collect and analyze a quantity of data never seen before, feedback, comments, online conversations that can be tracked and integrated to develop a clear vision not only of the degree of customer satisfaction but also of his loyalty and of the margins of implementation of a service or product. Wonderflow is a leader in this area and with this second round it will be able to continue its growth, driven by an ever-increasing demand for prompt and rapid customer insights from companies. “

“In this last year we have seen an explosion of customer analytics demand, especially from large international clients – adds Riccardo Osti, CEO of Wonderflow. – Thanks to this new injection of capital and thanks to the important entry on our board of an important figure like Jan Bennink, we will be able to seize this opportunity, growing further starting from the European market. “

“Companies today want to put the customer at the center of their activities. Bringing Wonderflow on board can truly help them increase customer knowledge by integrating feedback into their business processes and capitalizing on a strong understanding of consumer needs and desires. This is why I am delighted to support the Wonderflow team in order to further improve the company’s competitive advantage ” says Jan Bennink.

About P101 SGR – Insightful Venture Capital

P101 SGR is one of the leading venture capital fund managers in Italy, specializing in investments in innovative and technology driven companies in Europe. Born in 2013 and founded by Andrea Di Camillo, it counts among the investors of its funds Azimut, the Italian Investment Fund, the European Investment Fund, the BCC Pension Fund, the Cassa Forense as well as some of the main Italian entrepreneurial families. P101 SGR currently manages two funds, in addition to the first retail investment vehicle for venture capital developed in collaboration with the Azimut Group. With assets under management of over € 200 million, P101 has invested in 35 technology companies, including Cortilia, Milkman, MusixMatch, Velasca and Tannico.

About Wonderflow

Wonderflow is led by Italian CEO Riccardo Osti and is based in Amsterdam, Trento and Milan. The B2B Company deals with the analysis of consumer feedback, extracting key information, essential for the improvement of products and services, thanks to an artificial intelligence technology that has been able to beat the most popular hi-tech brands in the field.

Wonderflow has developed the most accurate linguistic analysis technology capable of simulating human interpretative ability, and has been able to make it usable by any user without technical knowledge. For this reason, the company’s platform (“Wonderboard”) has an average number of users per company that is ten times higher than the average. The analysis can include and centralize all public and private data sources of a multinational, becoming the company reference point for learning from consumers. In addition, to complete the offer, Wonderflow has developed and certified the world’s first predictive analysis model, based on the “Voice of the Customer”. These predictions are then used by companies to make strategic decisions in a customer-centric way and increase their profitability.

Wonderflow is frequently mentioned by industry research firms such as Forrester, 451 Research, Omdia, and Aragon. In 2019, Wonderflow was one of the prize winners of the European scaleup competition, EIT Digital Challenge.

Learn more at www.wonderflow.ai/product-page

Check out Wonderflow’s Mediakit for additional resources

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About Wonderflow

Wonderflow empowers businesses with quick and impactful decision-making because it helps automate and deliver in-depth consumer and competitor insights. All within one place, results are simplified for professionals across any high-UGC organization, and department to access, understand, and share easily. Compared to hiring more analysts, Wonderflow’s AI eliminates the need for human-led setup and analysis, resulting in thousands of structured and unstructured reviews analyzed within a matter of weeks and with up to 50% or more accurate data. The system sources relevant private and public consumer feedback from over 200 channels, including emails, forums, call center logs, chat rooms, social media, and e-commerce. What’s most unique is that its AI is the first ever to help recommend personalized business actions and predict the impact of those actions on key outcomes. Wonderflow is leveraged by high-grade customers like Philips, DHL, Beko, Lavazza, Colgate-Palmolive, GSK, Delonghi, and more.

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