Wonderflow’s CEO interviewed about 5 billions reviews

Published October 26, 2016·Written by Wonderflow

Wonderflow made it to the finals of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2016. Our CEO, Riccardo Osti’s interview is part of a series of articles published in relation to this event.

The article talks about the opportunity to learn from big data and how challenging it can be to extract solid conclusions out of unstructured texts. Riccardo explains how Wonderflow overcomes this issue and helps companies grow their business based on consumer feedback analysis.

“Go with the flow. From the moment you use our service, we will keep track of your company reviews. We transform those words into useful information. We do this with both natural language processing and a ‘sentiment analysis’, from which come keywords around the product or service. Our analysts around the world are working hard to transform all this information – with the support of our hybrid processes – into refined results. You get a Wonderboard from us: a dashboard with which your company can understand what customers think so that you can ultimately improve your products, marketing, and customer service. Our goal is to help companies recognize what their areas for improvement are and to maximize customer satisfaction.”

Additionally, Riccardo presents an overview of how Wonderflow gathers and analyzes consumer feedback, what kind of value we are currently offering to our customers and what the company’s vision and growth plans are.

“Our goal is to grow Wonderflow’s revenue stream and to add new customers to our database. After 2017 we want to open an office in Asia and the United States. With our current customers in the Netherlands, we have noticed that you can strengthen the relationship with customers if you can actually visit them physically. And of course, we want to win the Accenture Innovation Summit. “

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