Wonderflow gets selected by Techleap as one of the 10 highest potential tech companies in the Netherlands

Published January 18, 2021·Written by Ilaya


AMSTERDAM, January 18th, 2021 – Wonderflow, the simplest end-to-end solution to analyze the Voice of the Customer, today announced that it got selected to participate in Netherlands’ most exclusive scaleup program: Techleap Rise.

Techleap’s Rise selects only ten companies from hundreds of candidates to receive the title of highest potential tech companies in the Netherlands. During the program, the founders of the ten selected scale-ups are encouraged to learn from each other about the challenges of scaling a business internationally. They thereby get support and feedback from top Dutch entrepreneurs who have their own insights and share lessons with the new generation of promising scale-ups. The insights from the program are also shared to further improve the tech ecosystem in the Netherlands to reduce bottlenecks and define solutions for the growth challenges of scale-ups. This is how Techleap Rise plays an important role in the ambition of the Dutch government to make the Netherlands the best tech ecosystem of Europe.

The criteria to participate are strict: a scale-up is eligible for the program if they meet at least two of the following criteria: 

  • Currently, € 10M + is being raised in a funding round or they are preparing this amount to raise in their next round (which has probably already been funded for € 2-5M)
  • Annual sales of more than 1 million euros
  • More than 20 FTEs employed
  • At least 100% annual growth and a clear understanding of their product/service and the market they serve. 

The participants in this batch have an average of 35-40 employees and 170 percent revenue growth in 2019. This selection emphasizes the prominence of customer feedback analysis and the importance it carries for the future along with highlighting the immense potential of the future of Wonderflow. 

Techleap describes Wonderflow’s selection of the exclusive masterclass for scaleups as follows: “Customer feedback is a rich source of information, but most companies don’t take full advantage of the feedback at their fingertips. Wonderflow is a simple end-to-end solution that automatically extracts useful information from customer feedback and ratings, and translates it into an intuitive insights package to help companies better understand what their customers are saying. What’s more, Wonderflow’s predictive engine will actually predict how changes to a product, based on customer feedback, will affect the rating of a product. With a burgeoning client list that includes Samsung, Uber, TomTom and Philips, Wonderflow is already making waves in the customer feedback sector.”

Riccardo Osti, CEO at Wonderflow, celebrates the selection: “We are proud to be selected amongst the 10 most promising Dutch scale-ups to join Netherlands’ most exclusive program, the 2021 Rise by Techleap. I can’t wait to work together with people like Derek Roos (Mendix), Michiel Muller (Picnic), Steven Schuurman (Elastic), Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau and the other great mentors to accelerate our global expansion.”

About Wonderflow

Wonderflow helps companies understand what consumers think about their products and services, and what improvements will drive the best results.

Wonderflow offers the simplest solution to analyze any type of written feedback from hundreds of private and public channels, such as online reviews or contact center records. Wonderflow’s AI automatically unveils predictive insights in an easy-to-use dashboard, enabling business users to take the most impactful actions to grow the business. 

Learn more at

Wonderflow is frequently mentioned by leading industry research firms such as Forrester, 451 Research, Omdia, and Aragon. In 2019, Wonderflow was one of the prize winners of the European scale up competition, EIT Digital Challenge. 

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