Wonderflow and Microsoft announce integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Published September 24, 2020·Written by Wonderflow

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The New Wonderflow Integration Unveils Advanced Customer Feedback Analytics from Public Reviews into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

AMSTERDAM, September 24
– Microsoft and Wonderflow, the simplest end-to-end solution to analyze the Voice of the Customer, today announced a partnership to integrate Wonderflow’s capabilities into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

The partnership enables Microsoft users to supercharge their Customer Voice dashboard. Through Wonderflow, they can combine their direct customer feedback with analytics gathered from public product reviews on e-commerce platforms.

Find the product demo at

Wonderflow is a leader in AI-powered feedback analysis, using descriptive and predictive technologies that help companies determine where to invest for maximum ROI on their product development, customer contact and customer experience efforts.

Key aspects of the new integration are:

  • Enriched understanding of customers: A meaningful relationship with customers is built on a foundation of listening, understanding, and responding to feedback. With Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and Wonderflow, feedback management not only exists as an asset but also as a central tool to truly understanding your customers. Wonderflow provides an out-of-the box solution to the existing capabilities of Customer Voice to capture indirect consumer feedback from an e-commerce website. This is accomplished through advanced Natural Language Processing, which analyzes customer comments and provides key insights.
  • Easily accessible and simplistic dashboard: Together in one dashboard, direct survey responses and indirect data come alive to show product ratings over time, what features are most loved by customers, the sentiment score and predictive capabilities which highlight what improvements offer the best return on investment. Synthesizing disparate data to surface visualized insights can help you prioritize decreasing customer satisfaction and strengthen your product offerings, all while intelligently managing feedback.
  • Increased organizational agility with seamless solutions: Customer feedback management is critical to the customer experience transformation within organizations, but many are finding the complexity of centralizing and automating activities a challenge. With Wonderflow integrated in Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, the process of collecting and analyzing unstructured feedback is easier than ever.

Wonderflow founder and CEO Riccardo Osti added: “In the last few years, we worked hard to perfect our product, adding the most sophisticated technologies to it, but still maintaining its original simplicity.

Today, I am proud to announce our partnership with Microsoft, to integrate the Wonderboard with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. With Microsoft, we share the same goal of making complex data and text analysis accessible to everyone in the organization, seamlessly.

What does it mean? It means that if you use MS Dynamics, you can activate Wonderflow in minutes and start analyzing structured and unstructured feedback immediately.”

Wonderflow offers companies an end-to-end solution to collect and analyze vast amounts of unstructured and structured feedback from over 200 public and private sources, including ratings and reviews from e-commerce platforms and app stores, call center data, emails and chats.

With Wonderflow built into the new Dynamics 365 Customer Voice platform, you can now easily enrich your direct survey feedback data in Customer Voice with the analysis of online consumer reviews from sites like Amazon.

The AI-driven analysis of the reviews unveils crucial insights, such as the analysis and trends for several business KPIs, such as CSAT, NPS and CES.

It also highlights the features that your customers are mentioning the most in their reviews, their sentiment while doing so and how each of these features affects the CX score.

Stakeholders across the enterprise can read and leverage this information to learn which investment priorities they should have, leading to a better customer experience and increased product sales.

The information is accessible in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice dashboard. Or, for even more in-depth analytics, Wonderflow has created the easiest-to-use Voice of the Customer analytics platform, called the Wonderboard.

Find the product demo at
About Wonderflow

Wonderflow is the simplest end-to-end solution to analyze the voice of the customer. Wonderflow’s AI platform empowers companies to turn consumer and employee feedback into actionable insights. The process of collection and analysis is automated, making it easy to combine vast amounts of unstructured and structured feedback. Integrating internal and public sources, it unveils incredibly accurate insights in the most user-friendly dashboard of the industry. Customers leverage Wonderflow as the central tool to integrate feedback throughout their company to build better products, provide better customer experience, and gain more market share.

Wonderflow is frequently mentioned by industry research firms such as Forrester, Omdia, 451 Research, and Aragon. In 2019, Wonderflow was one of the prize winners of the European scaleup competition, EIT Digital Challenge.

Learn more about Wonderflow at

About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is an enterprise feedback management solution that empowers organizations to capture customer feedback directly from surveys personalized for your audience. Customer Voice helps to surface a unified view of your customers by seamlessly integrating with CDP and Dynamics 365 LOB applications and centrally collecting, analyzing, and distributing insights across the business. Always-on progress monitoring allows you to accelerate time-to-response and close the loop with customers with actionable insights.

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