How do you create customer profiles starting from feedback

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How do you create customer profiles starting from their feedback - wonderflow

Today we will explain how to create customer profiles starting from their feedback.

One of the most difficult challenges for marketers is to clearly define the customer persona, highlighting all the characteristics of the ideal types of customers. Historically, marketers have learned that first, they needed to create a profile and then go to the market to test it. Today, customer feedback gives us the possibility to turn this process upside down.

In fact, we can start by analyzing what customers voluntarily say in reviews, and starting there, we can try to build credible profiles of our customers. Here is how:

Step 1:

Go take a piece of paper, a pen and go to a website where your products are sold. It can be Amazon for example.

Step 2:

Find a couple of your products that belong to the same product line and start reading reviews. I would say you pick the first 30 of each product.

Step 3:

While you read, write down any characteristics that emerge from these texts. Some good examples are: how much do they write,     which type of words do they use, is there emotion involved or do they make a rational analysis? Do they compare your products with others,  do they describe what they do with the products? In that case, what they do? We can continue this list on and on…

Step 4:

After a while, you will probably identify some similarities that would help you define the profile of your customer. For example, you may notice that a certain number of your clients use your product in a specific situation, or does the same job, or uses specific wording. The more characteristics you are able to recognize, the more detailed the customer persona would be.

Step 5:

Now that you have the customer profile, built upside down, compare it with what you probably already had internally and highlight the differences. You can do this exercise with products belonging to different categories, with different prices, or even picking competitors, to understand the profile of your competitors’ customers.

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