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You know we are big fans of consumer reviews for several reasons, and we often use them as the playground for the exercises that we run. Today we keep going on this track. Today we run a quick exercise that can have a terrific impact on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Today we want to figure out if consumers review and recommend your products or not.

Let’s get started, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open a website where you know that consumers review your products or service. It could be Amazon, or Home Depot, or or Tripadvisor, you name it.

Step 2:

Use the search function of your browser to find reviews that contain the word “recommend” and its synonyms. You may be able to visualize 10 or 20 reviews per page, therefore you will have to load new pages and redo the search each time, till you go through at least one or two hundred reviews.

Step 3:

On a paper, write down in how many reviews customers mention that they would recommend your product to someone else. It’s a great addition if you also note the key reasons for which they would recommend.

Step 4:

make the numbers. If more than 20% of your customers feel like to recommend you…give them the possibility to do so! You may create a referral code specifically for them, or you could design a more structured word of mouth campaign. If you cannot do this directly, then forward the insight to the right colleagues from Marketing.

Remember that customers trust other customers opinion as much as they would trust a family member, so if you manage to have them recommending you, this would have a huge impact on sales.

Reviews not only tell us how many customers would recommend our products, but often tell us what they would recommend, or why they would recommend us. You should use this information to create customized messages for different customer persona.

If you don’t do so, you are missing out on the possibility to make extra money, with higher gross margins. I bet that whatever referral program you create, it would still be much cheaper for your organization than your sales force or distribution.

If you like this kind of posts with quick wins with customer feedback, watch our previous video.

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