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Ratings & Reviews · Dec 09, 2022

Are 5-Star Reviews Needed? Why 4.5 Star Rating Is Just As Good

Life can seem funny at times, often counterintuitive if you ask us. What if your business ‘grew up’ all its life believing five stars is what it should aim for in ratings and reviews? Then suddenly, one day, profound researchers come up and say that “actually, a bit lower can have more impact.” In this article, we address the common question of customer-feedback-obsessed brands – is a 4.5-star just as good as a 5-star review?…

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Product Development · Sep 12, 2022

Proper Review Analysis: How to Analyze Customer Reviews (+ Examples)

It’s pretty difficult to imagine a world without reviews. Not many of us walk into a shop and make a purchase without browsing at least a handful of online reviews beforehand.  In fact, a study from TrustPilot found that almost 9 out of 10 customers consult online reviews before buying.  Though these reviews are incredibly helpful to consumers, for business owners, trying to use reviews to guide the product development process or improve the customer…

what is sentiment analysis

Marketing · Jun 15, 2022

What is Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics? (+ Quick Video)

Text analytics and sentiment analysis often come hand-in-hand when monitoring customer feedback.  Both are essential to a successful program for customer experience management because they allow you to derive meaning from the data you collect about your customers. However, in practice, they’re actually quite different.  In this article, we’ll explain their major differences and how they can be used to analyze your data.  What is Text Analytics? Text Analytics is applying statistical and machine learning…

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Customer experience · Feb 04, 2022

Ouch to Negative Feedback! How to Effectively Respond to Them

Got negative reviews? Ouch. Stings, we know.  Many businesses avoid managing customer feedback in general and particularly when it comes to receiving negative feedback because it can be hard often the truth hurts. It’s also hard at times to tell which poor reviews are genuine and what must be filtered out. Some customers may leave a low star rating out of spite,  some others projecting their own personal issues onto the business, some due to…

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Market Research · Jan 13, 2022

Beauty brands, do customers care for ‘natural’ based on skincare reviews?

Using our text analytics technology, our Business Intelligence team analyzed dozens of cosmetic brands and compared them among one another, particularly studying the hot topic of ‘naturality’ and whether being healthy matters among today’s consumers. In the end, the results may surprise beauty brands while providing useful insights on how to better their skincare products.  This article was also written specifically by Liang Liu, our Market Intelligence Analyst.    Obtaining a “healthy lifestyle” has been…

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Ratings & Reviews · Oct 21, 2021

How Ratings & Reviews Impact Cosmetic Brands & Top Beauty Trends

This article focuses on the cosmetic industry by sharing the growing importance of ratings and reviews and their impact on beauty brands. We also share several major market trends/tips and how our customer feedback analytics solution can be the perfect ‘concealer’ for treating the needs of cosmetic companies. Also, be sure to check out our new Beauty & Personal Care solution page.   In the age of digital transformation, there is an explosion of beauty…

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Ratings & Reviews · Sep 16, 2021

4 Challenges in Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) + Examples & Solutions

Wonderflow offers a text mining solution. Authors Anna Feltracco, Elisabetta Pisani, and the rest of our dedicated Linguistic team have shared how they perform Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis to extract value from consumer feedback. It’s important to understand ABSA’s key challenges for our employees, customers/users, and those in linguistics, customer experience (CX), marketing, etc. They can gain a clearer understanding of this task and possibly draw inspiration from our examples and solutions.    At Wonderflow, we…

5 reasons why reviews are essential for ecommerce - wonderflow

Business · Mar 18, 2019

5 reasons why reviews are essential for e-commerce

A few weeks ago, our CEO Riccardo Osti made a video about the importance of reviews for traditional retail. Today, he’ll explain the importance of reviews also for e-commerce businesses. They are not only extremely valuable for the products, but for the online stores themselves. As you’ll see, this happens for several reasons: They create trust, They are freely generated, They represent a great point of interaction, They help SEO and finally, They help to…

how to predict what customers will buy - wonderflow

Business · Mar 22, 2017

How to predict what customers will buy with feedback

With a revenue of over $135 billion, Amazon has become the world’s largest online retailer and continuously drives record-breaking sales. They have reached this type of success by building expertise in operational perfection, platform optimization and a high percentage of repeated purchases across various product verticals. An integral part of driving customer purchases is using insights from customer feedback about customer preferences and behavior patterns to trigger repeat sales. It can be used for optimizing…

online reviews - wonderflow

Business · Mar 06, 2017

The Potential of Online Reviews for Businesses

Over the past few years, the importance of online reviews has only increased in magnitude. Since ages, people have relied on recommendations, feedback and reviews for day to day decisions. From the best deal at the nearest supermarket to the newest movie released last week, word of mouth has always played an important role in influencing decisions of the masses.   It should not come as a surprise that in today’s highly digitised world, product…