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pet care

Marketing · Nov 11, 2022

Pet Care Industry: Trends & Growth to Help Improve VoC Programs

When it comes to our furry (feathery, scaly – you name it) friends, brands and consumers alike will do their utmost to satisfy them. In fact, the global pet care market has seen astounding spikes in sales in recent years, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, we look at the ever-growing and competitive world of pet care. In particular, we examine how the 2020 pandemic affected the market and what global trends have…

positive customer reviews

Marketing · Aug 25, 2022

More Smiles, More Stars: 10 Examples of Leveraging Positive Customer Reviews

Brands know that reviews are everything. Whether they are positive, negative, or neutral, customer feedback is at the core of any business. It’s a matter of how well your company leverages or responds to each type. For instance, positive customer reviews are just as powerful of an influence on business success, if not more, than negative ones. And do you just simply smile when you see a customer’s compliment? Of course not! You may want…

millennial marketing

Marketing · Jul 14, 2022

Voice of the Youths: Millennial Marketing & How to Win Them Over

Millennials now make up the largest adult cohort worldwide, about 23% of the global population. This totals to about 1.8 billion people. That’s a lot of purchasing power.  Almost half of the millennials say they won’t purchase a product that doesn’t have reviews. They also shop online more than the older generations, with 85.9% of millennials declaring that they shop online.  This is where the voice of the customer (VoC) (or shall we say the…

what is a focus group

Marketing · Mar 25, 2022

What is a Focus Group: Definition, Key Drawbacks, and Better Alternative

In this article, we attempt to bring more clarity to the concept of focus groups, particularly in the case of product development. In other words, what is a focus group, the summary of steps on how to execute one, situations for when you’d need to conduct one, several critical disadvantages of focus groups, and a game-changer alternative solution to replace this old-school market research method. What is A Focus Group? “A focus group is a…

Lucia Manetti

Human Resources · Dec 23, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Lucia Manetti, Marketing Specialist & Gaming Nerd

Part of our recent success and growth has been largely due to our people. In particular, if we had to pick another hard-working teammate for this month alone, let’s meet Lucia Manetti, our Marketing Specialist. Lucia has held nearly six years of experience in the tech industry.  Funny enough, however, she graduated with a degree in the History of Art and one in Concept Art for Videogames. Afterward, she got her master’s in Digital Marketing….

wonderflow image

Marketing · Sep 03, 2021

MarTech: Rise of Marketing Technology Investments & 7 Tools to Leverage

The global MarTech landscape is fast evolving. But what does that really mean? Find out here what is MarTech, including key trends to consider before making new marketing technology investments. Plus, 7 key solutions in 2021 for every ‘marketer stack’ to conquer CX.   The global MarTech landscape is continuously evolving, making decision-making more challenging for marketers. Because of this, modern companies must ensure that they are investing in the right marketing technology solutions that…

Emotional Loyalty

Business · Jun 24, 2021

Why Emotional Loyalty Matters Most in the Future of CX

Behavioral metrics alone aren’t enough to measure customer loyalty. Emotional loyalty must also be considered for long-term brand success.   What does “loyalty” mean? Could it be the way your pet follows, protects, and looks at you, no matter what? How about customer loyalty? Could it be the way your shoppers buy from you, how they keep returning for more, and why they revisit? In a recent post, we covered six different ways to protect…

Emotional Customer Intelligence

Business · Apr 27, 2021

How Emotional Customer Intelligence is Changing Digital Marketing

In the age of digital transformation, the way we understand customers has been revolutionized by technology to connect with them on a deeper, more emotional level. The Customer Experience A.I. is already leveling the playing field in digital marketing, minimizing human efforts to transform the way we analyze customer data. Learn the importance of identifying the feelings that drive customers’ behavior through emotional customer intelligence. You Don’t Sell Things; You Sell Emotions Let’s start with…

How do you create customer profiles starting from their feedback - wonderflow

Case studies · Jun 19, 2019

How do you create customer profiles starting from feedback

Today we will explain how to create customer profiles starting from their feedback. One of the most difficult challenges for marketers is to clearly define the customer persona, highlighting all the characteristics of the ideal types of customers. Historically, marketers have learned that first, they needed to create a profile and then go to the market to test it. Today, customer feedback gives us the possibility to turn this process upside down. In fact, we…

Business · May 20, 2019

Come la sentiment analysis può aiutarti a migliorare i tuoi prodotti

Probabilmente avrai già sentito parlare di sentiment analysis, ma sei a conoscenza dei vantaggi che questo tipo di analisi può portare all’interno della tua azienda? La sentiment analysis, anche conosciuta come opinion mining, consiste nell’analisi di un testo con il fine di analizzare e classificare le informazioni contenute nello stesso. Questo tipo di analisi può rivelarti moltissime informazioni sui pensieri e sulle opinioni dei tuoi clienti.  Una volta spiegati i vantaggi della sentiment analysis, mostreremo…

Market Research · May 20, 2019

5 tipi di customer feedback e come raccoglierli

Non importa cosa pensi del customer feedback, non si può negare che abbia una grande importanza per le aziende. In un mondo in cui la competizione è altissima, conoscere le opinioni dei tuoi clienti riguardo i tuoi servizi può aiutare molti aspetti della tua azienda, dal product development alle strategie di marketing.  In un periodo in cui la quantità di dati è infinita, analizzare le opinioni dei clienti mette a disposizione informazioni che la tua…

do customers review and recommend - wonderflow

Business · May 16, 2019

Do Customers review and recommend your products?

You know we are big fans of consumer reviews for several reasons, and we often use them as the playground for the exercises that we run. Today we keep going on this track. Today we run a quick exercise that can have a terrific impact on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Today we want to figure out if consumers review and recommend your products or not. Let’s get started, follow these steps: Step 1:…

react on reviews - wonderflow

Business · May 13, 2019

React on Reviews – Quick wins with customer feedback

For the first episode of the series Quick wins with customer feedback, our CEO Riccardo Osti proposes a simple exercise that might be incredibly helpful for you to start making actions from online reviews. We expect you to perform a simple analysis of your customer feedback in one of your sources, such as Amazon, Bol, or even Trip Advisor. Take some time and see that this simple exercise will provide you important insights on how…

consumer feedback analysis - wonderflow

Business · Mar 21, 2019

Who will benefit from consumer feedback analysis

Consumer Feedback Analysis can play an important role in a company, allowing different departments to get valuable insights. A few weeks ago we published this video to show how important it is for Product Marketers. But they are not the only ones. In today’s video our CEO Riccardo Osti will tell you how different departments can take advantage of Consumer Feedback to improve their performance. How do you feel Consumer Feedback could improve your job?…

why market research is not enough - wonderflow

Business · Mar 14, 2019

Why traditional market research alone is not enough

Market Research started to be put in practice in 1930, in United States. Back in those days, advertisers started to realize the significance of demographics for creating successful campaigns. Of course the resources were limited, so the solution they could implement was, for example, organizing focus groups, running face to face interviews, or sending questionnaires. Nowadays, companies keep conducting Market Research the same way they did decades ago. Even though technology has made huge improvements…

3 things all product marketer should know - wonderflow

Business · Mar 07, 2019

3 things each product marketer should know

If you are a Product Marketer or are interested in this field, this video is for you. By watching it you’ll learn which are the three essential things that each product marketing person should know to have enough evidence and make the right decisions. This will help you to have more satisfied customers since you’ll learn how to deliver the message they need to hear. It’ll also allow you to beat your competitors, by using…

Customer Feedback Management

Business · Mar 04, 2019

How to improve CX with Customer Feedback Management

Love it or hate it, customer feedback is essential for any business. It’s one of the best ways companies can improve their products and services which, in turn, will boost the success of their business. But not only that, feedback improves the Customer experience (CX) as well. And by using Customer Feedback Management (CFM), you can make sure all of that important feedback is used to make changes that matter. Source To show you how you can use…

why you should analyze your NPS data - wonderflow

Market Research · Mar 01, 2019

Why you should analyse the NPS data

NPS is considered one of the best ways to measure customer loyalty for a company’s brand, products or services. Every once in a while, companies receive tons of data related to it, but the difficulty to analyse it all makes them to not make the best use of it. In this video, our CEO Riccardo Osti explains why this data should be analysed. He covers the importance of each section of this type of survey…

wonderflow image

Market Research · Jan 21, 2019

5 Types of Customer Feedback and How to Collect Them

No matter how you feel about customer feedback, there’s no denying the value it can bring to your business. In a world where competition is high, knowing your customers’ thoughts on your service can aid all aspects of your company, from product development to marketing strategies. However, simply knowing what your customers are saying isn’t enough to grow your business. In an age where there is an abundance of data, using a data-driven analysis of customer…

wonderflow image

Business · Jan 07, 2019

How to Become a Customer-Centric Organization: An Introductory Guide

Being a customer-centric organization is something of a trend lately, but it takes more than a few staff meetings or customer surveys to truly become one. Some of the world’s most popular companies have been working on their customer centricity strategy for decades—and they have the results to show for it. This introductory guide will cover customer centricity and why it’s necessary for any business. We’ll also cover some different customer-centric brands and their unique…

Marketing · Dec 01, 2018

35+ Best Customer Experience Software Platforms of 2019

Providing quality customer service is not only about answering product questions, solving problems, or responding to feedback. It starts with market research, a fine-tuned website, and an optimized marketing funnel, then continues after the sale with customer support and loyalty programs. Therefore, a business might require several different kinds of customer experience software in order to enhance the buyer’s journey. This article will cover 30+ customer experience software options, ranging from funnel optimization, to customer…

360 customer feedback

Business · Oct 30, 2018

50+ Focus Group Questions to Ask for Valuable Customer Feedback

A focus group can be extremely helpful to get into the mindset of your customers and receive genuine, helpful feedback for your company. Using a focus group over other methods of customer feedback will allow you to have a full, multi-participant discussion about your product – versus stagnant answers on a computer screen. It will also allow you to interact with your customers and drive the conversation towards your specific, desired outcome. Like reviews, focus…

Business · Oct 30, 2018

Customer Experience Analysis: 5 Steps to Happy Customers

Over the years, technology has brought businesses closer and closer to their customers. Companies can send an email, pop up as an ad on a social media feed, make sales calls, send notifications straight to a smartphone, and engage in any number of other activities that bring a business into a customer’s life. Because of this, it’s simpler than ever for customers to provide feedback on the services offered by all of the brands they…

consumer insights

Business · Jul 19, 2017

Start Using Consumer Insights to Influence your Advertising

Our world today is constantly changing. Customers are continuously moving to new platforms every day and brands are having to build cross-platform experiential channels to meet that migration. Given such a rapidly evolving and digitally connected world, the onus is on the brands to authentically reach out to their customers, else they risk losing them in the long term. They can be learned mainly through Consumer Insights. The upsides of viral videos are numerous which…

what is sentiment analysis

Marketing · Jun 15, 2022

What is Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics? (+ Quick Video)

Text analytics and sentiment analysis often come hand-in-hand when monitoring customer feedback.  Both are essential to a successful program for customer experience management because they allow you to derive meaning from the data you collect about your customers. However, in practice, they’re actually quite different.  In this article, we’ll explain their major differences and how they can be used to analyze your data.  What is Text Analytics? Text Analytics is applying statistical and machine learning…

metrics for consumer-centric management - wonderflow

Business · Jun 19, 2019

The metrics for customer-centric management

Today we will explain which are the key metrics that you need to adopt if you really want to become customer-centric. In the very first video on our channel, we explained: how both product and customer-centric companies have the goal to maximize shareholders value, but they try to get there in different ways. We know that customer-centric companies build their success on relationship expertise. In this case, managers main goal shouldn’t be just revenue, but…

Collecting feedback

Business · Nov 14, 2018

10 Sentiment Analysis Examples That Will Help Improve Your Products

You’ve probably heard the term sentiment analysis before, but perhaps never really took much notice of how important it can be for your company. But you should. The term refers to mining the opinions of your customers. If done properly, sentiment analysis can reveal gold mines inside the thoughts and opinions of your customers. There are dozens of different ways you can mine customer opinions. Once we’ve explained the perks of sentiment analysis, we’ll show…