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4 reasons why consumer feedback is essential for logistics industry - wonderflow

Business · Apr 11, 2019

Why Customer Feedback is essential for Logistics Industry

Last week, we talked about how to calculate the ROI of Customer Feedback for Logistics. However, you might wonder how can we see this value from another perspective. In today’s video, our CEO Riccardo Osti will help you understand the value of Customer Feedback for the Logistics Industry. Within this sector, consumers have plenty of touchpoints with the company, and every single feedback counts in order to be more consumer-centric. In a competitive market, companies…

roi of customer feedback for logistics - wonderflow

Business · Apr 08, 2019

ROI of Customer Feedback for Logistics

If you work for a Logistics company, this video is for you. Last week, our CEO explained the ROI of Consumer Feedback for the Consumer Electronics industry. Today, he will help you to calculate it for the Logistics industry. For logistics, we understand every company that manages to deliver something from a point of origin to a point of consumption. Within this industry, there are several touchpoints between client and companies through their customer journey….