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employee spotlight

Human Resources · Feb 24, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Irene Nicolini, Head of IT Development & Major Foodie

With an ever-growing global team, anticipating the arrival of new talents is undoubtedly nice and all. Yet, we’re even happier with retaining the support of numerous current teammates. That’s one of the reasons why we must turn our Employee Spotlight on yet another dedicated and long-time standing colleague, Irene Nicolini. She’s currently the Head of our IT Development team and has been with us a bit over three years! Irene studied Telecommunications Engineering at the…

Lucia Manetti

Human Resources · Dec 23, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Lucia Manetti, Marketing Specialist & Gaming Nerd

Part of our recent success and growth has been largely due to our people. In particular, if we had to pick another hard-working teammate for this month alone, let’s meet Lucia Manetti, our Marketing Specialist. Lucia has held nearly six years of experience in the tech industry.  Funny enough, however, she graduated with a degree in the History of Art and one in Concept Art for Videogames. Afterward, she got her master’s in Digital Marketing….

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Human Resources · Nov 25, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Brenno Pellegrini, Product Designer & Vintage Repairman

Part of our recent achievements and growth has been mainly due to the people. So, we’re excited to feature another hard-working team member in our Employee Spotlight of the month. Meet Brenno Pellegrini, our Product Designer and the first one to join the Design Team. Born and raised in Trento, a small city lost between the mountains in northern Italy, Brenno studied chemistry during high school at ITT, also in Trento. However, he loathed it…

Emiliano Varrasi

Human Resources · Oct 28, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Emiliano Varrasi, Client Director & Proud Dad

Part of our recent achievements and growth has been mainly due to the people. So, we’re excited to feature another hard-working team member in our Employee Spotlight of The Month. Meet long-time team member Emiliano Varrasi, one of the Client Directors from our Customer Success Management team and who has been with us for nearly five years or since 2016.  Born and raised in Sicily, Italy, Emiliano is currently based in Amsterdam. Before Wonderflow, he…

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Human Resources · Sep 28, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Claudia Mengasini, Sr. Project Manager & Netflix Fan

Part of our recent achievements and growth has been mainly due to the people. So, we’re excited to feature another hard-working member in our Employee Spotlight of the month. We played 11 questions with long-time team member Claudia Mengasini, our Senior Project Manager of the Project Management (PM) team, and for nearly six years! She started in 2015 as Head of Analysis, which is similar to her current role. Moreover, born and raised in Rome,…

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Human Resources · Aug 25, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Jana Pilato, Consumer Insights Specialist & Proud Mom

Part of our success and growth has been mainly due to the people. So, we’re excited to feature another hard-working member in our Employee Spotlight of the month! In this fun interview, we played 11 questions (including bonus) with Jana Pilato, who has been a member of the New Business Team for nearly 10 months. Born in Connecticut, the U.S., she has also lived in San Diego, London, Munich and now finds herself in Milano…


Human Resources · Jul 20, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Alessio Libardi, Full Stack Developer & Anime Fan

As part of our new blog series, we’re doing an Employee Spotlight at Wonderflow! Part of our success and growth has been mainly due to our people. So, we’re excited to feature a hardworking team member each month. In this fun interview, we played 10 questions (plus a bonus question) with Alessio Libardi, a Full Stack Developer, for over nine months at our office in Trento, Italy.  Born and raised in Trentino, he studied computer…

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Business · Jun 29, 2021

Wonderflow Raises USD$20M in Series B Funding led by Klass Capital

Amsterdam, June 29, 2021 – Wonderflow, a leading Unified VoC Analytics platform, announced today that it has raised USD$20 million in Series B Funding led by Toronto-based Klass Capital – a long term-oriented growth equity firm that invests in enterprise software businesses. Existing investors, including Italian venture capital firm P101, ITALIA 500 (Azimut Group) and renowned Dutch top manager Jan Bennink, also participated in the financing round. Wonderflow makes VoC data valuable for businesses. Today,…

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Business · May 01, 2020

Video: Why HR management needs to change now

If you enjoy this type of videos, subscribe to Riccardo Osti’s channel in YouTubeIn the past years, we have observed a rapid change in customer experience. Customers and their opinions have become increasingly valued by companies, that actively started gathering and analyzing feedback. As a consequence, tools like the Wonderboard have become…

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Business · May 01, 2020

How to prioritize your employees during times of crisis

In unprecedented times of crisis, your employees must be your priority.  The significant challenges brought by this crisis are new for everyone. Governments, institutions, and companies are all facing exceptional issues. In particular, organizations are focusing on their business continuity. However, companies are made of individuals, and their well-being cannot be ignored….

analyze customer data

Business · Nov 19, 2019

Video: How to analyze customer data

Part 1:Why do many companies claim to be customer-centric? What is the best way to utilize your customer feedback and how is your company supposed to collect the data? These and more interesting questions are answered in the first video. Part 2:Here, we go through the steps needed for an all-around customer feedback…

employee satisfaction

Human Resources · Nov 05, 2019

Video: What can employers do to increase employee satisfaction

Employees are an essential and irreplaceable part of a company. What can an employer do, in order to keep their employees not only satisfied but motivated to contribute actively to the growth of the firm? In this video, Riccardo Osti shares three ways to improve employee satisfaction, immediately.If you enjoy this type…

Business · Mar 18, 2019

How to Collect and Analyze Employee Feedback to Increase Satisfaction

Employees spend most of their time at work — that’s why they expect to be happy doing their jobs. Happiness in the workspace is not just something employees dream of. They actively hunt down jobs that will bring them joy, even if it is at the expense of a higher paycheck. This search…

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Business · Mar 18, 2019

Come raccogliere ed analizzare il feedback dei dipendenti per migliorare la loro soddisfazione

I dipendenti passano la maggior parte del loro tempo in ufficio, e per questo motivo hanno bisogno di un lavoro che li renda felici. La soddisfazione nel posto di lavoro non è solamente un sogno per i dipendenti. Infatti, sempre più persone cercano impieghi più soddisfacenti, anche a costo di ricevere uno stipendio più basso. La ricerca della soddisfazione nel posto di lavoro può costare cara alle aziende che non hanno una forte cultura aziendale. Infatti,…