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2023 CX trend

Customer experience · Jan 31, 2023

Top 8 CX Trends in 2023 (And No Shock VoC Analytics Still Tops)

In a period of inflation, rising energy costs, staffing shortages, and more, many businesses are at a crossroads in 2023 as they try to juggle economic uncertainties while focusing on delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX). Therefore, it’s never been more crucial for companies to adapt and deeply listen to the customers’ needs and wants. And how you precisely do that can be answered in our eight top CX trends in  2023! Let’s take a…


Customer experience · May 31, 2022

Customer-Centricity in Retail: VoC Interview with Maria Cristina Aspesi, Global Director of Customer Care at Lavazza

As part of our Voice of the Customer (VoC) interview series, Emiliano Varrasi, Client Success Director at Wonderflow, welcomes Maria Cristina Aspesi, Global Director of Customer Care at Lavazza Group (sometimes simply Lavazza, and formally, Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.). Often branded as “Italy’s Favorite Coffee,” Lavazza manufactured mainly coffee products and was first established in Turin, Italy, in 1895. What started as a single, family-owned, small grocery store is now an internationally recognized brand. The global…

Retail analytics

Customer experience · May 19, 2022

Hear the Voice of the Customer in Retail: Why Use VoC in Retail Analytics

Traditionally, retailers have focused more on brand experience and customer experience (CX) to understand customer relationships. Commonly used metrics, such as CSAT and NPS, have allowed businesses to gauge how shoppers feel about certain brand products or services. However, as time progresses, these metrics become not enough. Retailers that really want to succeed today need more. They need data.  “The future belongs to those who can collect, aggregate, segment, integrate, visualize and interpret data.” –…


Customer experience · Apr 22, 2022

Is the Customer Experience Career for You? The Rise of CX Jobs (Incl. Salary Chart and FAQs)

“Think of customer experience as customer service on steroids” – Forbes  That’s exactly what it’s like to work in Customer Experience (CX). When compared to customer service (CS), customer experience is more about proactively creating a seamless customer journey, from awareness of the brand to post-purchase. In contrast, CS is about reactively supporting customers with service/product questions and problems.  This article aims to shed light on the trending and unique career path of CX and how…


Customer experience · Mar 28, 2022

Customer-Centricity in Energy: VoC Interview with Angelo Asciano, Director of Customer Operations at ENERCOM

As part of our Voice of the Customer (VoC) interview series, Stefano Percorari, Client Success Director at Wonderflow, is joined today by Angelo Asciano, the Director of Customer Operations at ENERCOM. Formally known as ENERCOM SRL, the Italian company is one of the largest privately-owned providers of methane gas to end consumers. With a background in Economics, Asciano has been at ENERCOM for nearly ten years, guiding the organization in Customer Care Management. We are…

go to market strategy

Customer experience · Mar 10, 2022

Go-to-Market Strategy Explained & Solution Advised by CX-Create (Downloadable Report)

We know launching a new product or feature of an existing product can be extremely challenging. One of the most critical things in ensuring a seamless end-user experience is sharing a common understanding of the key strategies involved in planning. In particular, understanding valuable strategies like the go-to-market (GTM) strategy – what is it? How does it compare to a marketing and product strategy? Why an effective one is critical, especially in today’s digital world?…

wonderflow image

Customer experience · Feb 04, 2022

Ouch to Negative Feedback! How to Effectively Respond to Them

Got negative reviews? Ouch. Stings, we know.  Many businesses avoid managing customer feedback in general and particularly when it comes to receiving negative feedback because it can be hard often the truth hurts. It’s also hard at times to tell which poor reviews are genuine and what must be filtered out. Some customers may leave a low star rating out of spite,  some others projecting their own personal issues onto the business, some due to…

voice of the customer definition

Customer experience · Jan 21, 2022

Voice of the Customer Glossary: Important Terms to Know

With all the interchangeable business terms out there, things may seem a bit hazy at times in trying to understand either what we do as a company. Moreover, just the overall Voice of the Customer (VoC) field. Therefore, it may be helpful for some to become better acquainted with several critical terms and definitions when discussing anything related to improving the customer experience (CX). After all, time and time again, those like Forbes preach the…


Customer experience · Nov 18, 2021

10 Tips on How to Get a Good Net Promoter Score (NPS)

In a past post, we helped define the net promoter score (NPS), including calculating NPS and its differences against the customer satisfaction score (CSAT). Now, we expand on the topic in this article by focusing specifically on how to improve NPS.  However, the NPS is no better than the CSAT or other customer experience (CX) metrics. It also does not always work, depending on how your company uses it and an organization’s business model, preferences,…

customer experience CX analytics

Customer experience · Nov 04, 2021

What is Customer Experience (CX) Analytics?

We often stressed the critical need to improve customer experience (CX) to our readers and partners, but we can’t stop! In this post, we address the sub-topic of CX analytics. Learn what it means, why data is the key to success, challenges, customer experience analytics use cases, and FAQs.    Tell Me: What is Customer Experience (CX) Analytics? Harvard Business Review defines the customer experience as: The internal and subjective response customers have to any…

wonderflow image

Customer experience · Sep 30, 2021

Vroom, Vroom: The Future Of Mobility Has Arrived & Automotive Brands Must Reinforce Customer Feedback

To complement our product solution page for Mobility brands, this article sheds light on the auto industry and the need for manufacturers and dealerships to level up their customer experience game if they want to succeed in the future of mobility.   The automotive industry is aware of consumer preferences for on-demand and alternative transportation services and, therefore, provides relevant products and services to meet those needs as transportation preferences change.  As Joachim Skarpil, Head of…

wonderflow image

Customer experience · Aug 26, 2021

Stay Connected: How To Be Customer Centric In Telecommunication

Learn here how to succeed as a more customer-centric telecommunication company. Be sure to check out our telecom solution page for more answers on how to improve the customer experience.   As a telecommunication service provider, you may have been thinking your team has worked hard to satisfy your customers – until one day you see another service cancellation request by another customer. Worse, a low-star rating of your business.  And like many other telecom…

wonderflow image

Customer experience · Jul 22, 2021

Customer-Centricity: Understanding the value of consumer well-being

The impact of COVID-19 left more than physical and social losses for many consumers, but also heavy psychological distress. Learn more about how brands should prioritize consumer well-being to become more customer-centric in the next phase of the economic recovery.    2020 was just not “the year.” Let’s admit that. COVID-19 left many consumers unemployed, homeschooled, and forced to work from home. On top of that, the pandemic left more than emotional, physical, and social…

Emotional Loyalty

Business · Jun 24, 2021

Why Emotional Loyalty Matters Most in the Future of CX

Behavioral metrics alone aren’t enough to measure customer loyalty. Emotional loyalty must also be considered for long-term brand success.   What does “loyalty” mean? Could it be the way your pet follows, protects, and looks at you, no matter what? How about customer loyalty? Could it be the way your shoppers buy from you, how they keep returning for more, and why they revisit? In a recent post, we covered six different ways to protect…

Call Center

Business · Jun 15, 2021

More than Another ‘Cost’: Why Call Center Analytics Matter and How to Use It to Generate Revenue

Customer contact centers can be a profitable resource for companies if call center analytics is leveraged correctly. Discover the value of contact centers and how to analyze call center data.     Call centers are more than just a ‘cost center’ and a place to leave customer voicemails. Thanks to advanced technologies, call center analytics have made the business department itself more valuable than ever before. When used effectively, contact center data can help companies generate…

Customer Loyalty

Business · Jun 08, 2021

6 Ways to Protect and Build Customer Loyalty

As economies slowly recover, finding ways to protect and build customer loyalty is more vital than ever. Discover 6 actionable insights on how to retain a legion of loving followers and gather more along the journey.    For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health, no one says “I do” quite like loyal customers for their favorite brands.  At this point, your business has succeeded at making countless proposals to…

Sustainability E-Commerce

Business · May 25, 2021

What is Sustainability in eCommerce & Why It Matters

Sustainability in e-commerce is a growing hot topic. Brand building towards this future matters more than ever. Learn what, why, and how. Fast, free, sustainable, now!   Nearly half of global online revenue streams from marketplaces with Taobao leading the way. Following closely behind are Tmall and Amazon.  So, marketplaces are dominating the competitive landscape – and will continue to. Building your online presence becomes even more imperative nowadays to competitively differentiate your business from…

customer insights

Business · May 18, 2021

Top 5 Predictions for 2021 Customer Insights

Times are a-changing. Businesses should constantly be ‘woke’ to new ways to improve their customer experience. Find out the top predictions for customer insights in 2021.   Over 60% of companies worldwide are staffed with Chief Data Officers. 76% of customers expect companies to understand their needs in 2021. Not to mention, a whopping 90% of global executives who leverage customer insights reports said that it improved their ability to deliver a great customer experience. With…

Emotional Customer Intelligence

Business · Apr 27, 2021

How Emotional Customer Intelligence is Changing Digital Marketing

In the age of digital transformation, the way we understand customers has been revolutionized by technology to connect with them on a deeper, more emotional level. The Customer Experience A.I. is already leveling the playing field in digital marketing, minimizing human efforts to transform the way we analyze customer data. Learn the importance of identifying the feelings that drive customers’ behavior through emotional customer intelligence. You Don’t Sell Things; You Sell Emotions Let’s start with…

Jan Bennink

Business · Apr 22, 2021

Wonderflow interviews Jan Bennink, Member of the Board of Directors and former CEO of Royal Numico Holdings NV

In early 2021, we had announced a new addition to Wonderflow Board of Directors, Jan Bennink. Now in a newly released interview with the former Advisory-Board-member, we get a better idea of who Bennink is. More importantly, why he has taken a more strategic seat at our table and how his extensive leadership experience in mostly FMCG and CPG will help shape Wonderflow. How would you describe yourself in 5 words?  I would say driven,…

predictive analytics customer experience

Customer experience · Apr 21, 2021

Why Predictive Analytics is the Future of CX Marketing

The digital marketing and customer experience landscape is ever-changing. Traditional methods of data analysis, such as surveys, cannot always keep up with new standards. Meanwhile, the long-awaited developments over Predictive Analytics are gradually seeping into the future of customer experience, thanks to advancing technologies. Let’s discover why. Predictive Analytics: The Holy Grail of Marketing The ability to foresee the future is a superpower most people would like to have, but marketers most of all. We…

wonderflow image

Customer experience · Apr 07, 2021

How to Measure Value for Customers using innovative Wonderflow tools

Wonderflow participated in the prestigious Forrester Report focused on the best tools for CX Managers to really catch the voice of the customer and measure customer satisfaction. But what is the value for customers and why it is so elusive? What are the best strategies to analyze it and why Wonderflow happens to be so good at it? Let’s see it together.   The Value for Customers is as mysterious as love   Some people…


Customer experience · May 11, 2021

NPS vs. CSAT: Importance for Brand Growth

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) have always been part of hot debates for many industry professionals regarding what they mean to a company, why they’re not the same things, and how best to use them together. Perhaps, you need a refresher on these widely adopted metrics or another simple angle to look through? Whatever’s the case, let’s start with the straightforward definitions of NPS and CSAT. What is the…