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Business · Jul 19, 2017

Start Using Consumer Insights to Influence your Advertising

Our world today is constantly changing. Customers are continuously moving to new platforms every day and brands are having to build cross-platform experiential channels to meet that migration. Given such a rapidly evolving and digitally connected world, the onus is on the brands to authentically reach out to their customers, else they risk losing them in the long term. They can be learned mainly through Consumer Insights. The upsides of viral videos are numerous which…

Business · May 04, 2016

What Drives Consumers to Write Product Reviews?

If you ever search through e-commerce sites like Amazon you might find it surprising that there can be more than 1,000 reviews on an extension cord ( and only a handful of reviews for the TV that some consider the best to buy this year. Does it raise important questions such as what drives consumers to write a review? Is it because of the product itself or is there something more to it? Clay Shirky,…

Business · Jan 29, 2015

Reviews to drive research and sales

Why should brands analyse reviews to build better products? Because customers write what they need inside reviews. When marketers had a much more product-centric approach, consumer reviews were not considered so important. They soon realised that is needed to listen more carefully to what customers say in order to minimise the risk of…

Business · Jan 13, 2015

Revolutionary R&D from consumer reviews

We can summarise our previous post by saying that stores use reviews to sell more and build trust, while brands use them to create marketing campaigns. However, I can tell that they’re still not getting the best out of them. Indeed, why on earth don’t brands use reviews to build better products? Read about how to revolutionize R&D from consumer reviews. Let me give you a short example: Enterprises make several blind tests, market researches…