Business · Jul 11, 2019

Who else will benefit from Consumer Feedback Analysis in your Company

Consumer insight teams aside, other stakeholders in your company should benefit from consumer feedback analysis. In this video, Wonderflow CEO Riccardo Osti shares why product marketers, research and quality control teams, customer service teams and business, and market intelligence teams should be working with consumer feedback analysis too. Product marketers With access to consumer insights, product marketers can get to know their customers like the back of their hands. To be more specific, these insights…

Business · Jul 11, 2019

How To Build A Customer-Centric Culture – 15 Strategies You Can Implement Today

Look around you, and you’ll find that some of the most successful companies (Amazon, Zappos, Hilton) are customer-centric. In this day and age, where the customer is king, companies simply can’t afford to slip up when it comes to customer service. Offend a customer, and you could easily have your name plastered all…

Press · Jul 05, 2019

Wonderflow ‘On the Radar’ bij Ovum dankzij geavanceerde AI- en NLP-technieken

Onderzoeksrapport vol lof over Nederlandse customer feedback analyzer Amsterdam, 2 augustus 2019 – Wonderflow, gespecialiseerd in het analyseren van customer feedback data, staat ‘On the Radar’ in een onderzoeksrapport van Ovum. Volgens het onderzoeksbureau uit Groot-Brittannië heeft het bedrijf dit te danken aan hun geavanceerde technieken met Artificial Intelligence (AI) en Natural Language Processing (NLP). Ovum is een marktleidend en wereldwijd opererend data-, onderzoeks- en consultancybureau gericht op het adviseren van digitale dienstverleners, technologiebedrijven en…

Press · Jul 05, 2019

Wonderflow ‘On the Radar’ with Ovum due to advanced AI and NLP techniques

Research report very positive about Dutch customer feedback analyzer Amsterdam, Augustus 2, 2019 – Wonderflow, specialized in analyzing customer feedback data, is the subject of a special ‘On the Radar’ report by award-winning industry analysts, Ovum. The research firm from the UK recognizes Wonderflow because of its advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and…

Business · Jul 03, 2019

How Consumer Insights Teams Can Leverage Text Mining Techniques

Text mining sounds like a fancy term, but the concept behind it is pretty simple. In a nutshell, this involves using machine learning technology to extract valuable information from text-based data (product reviews, emails, call center data, and more). The strategy of text mining is used widely by consumer insight teams, and it can help product marketers and researchers understand their customers’ pain points, how customers use certain products, and more. Want to learn more…

Market Research · Jun 26, 2019

How To Measure Customer Satisfaction

A decade or two ago, customer satisfaction was seen as a nice-to-have, not as a must-have. These days, however, companies are increasingly understanding the importance of building a customer-centric culture, and putting their customers at the heart of everything they do. Why is this the case? Simply put, when you delight your customers,…

Technology · Jun 24, 2019

What are the pros and cons of human text analysis – Part 2

In the previous video, our CEO Riccardo Osti explained the pros of human text analysis, which can be summarised into ease of getting started, the ease to reach good quality and our ability to identify irony and other anomalies. Now let’s talk about the limitations that humans have when analysing texts: #1 Consistency This is one of the biggest problems that we have. In fact, as humans we have emotions, and we evaluate things differently,…

Technology · Jun 20, 2019

What are the pros and cons of human analysis?

In this video, our CEO explained how good are humans in text analysis. Recently he has been speaking about machine learning, and why it’s not such a great solution for natural language processing. So he decided to make this video, where he explains which are strengths and limitations of us, humans, when we perform the job manually. We have seen many brands still doing this internally, so we believe it makes a lot of sense…

Technology · Jun 19, 2019

Why machine learning does not work

In this video, our CEO Riccardo Osti explained what machine learning is as well as it’s most common applications. Today he will explain why this acclaimed technology, which, don’t get us wrong, has a huge potential for several applications, does not really work well with text analysis. When we mention machine learning we are also referring to AI, deep learning and more generally to statistical models. Many of today’s hi-tech leaders make use of these…

Technology · Jun 19, 2019

What is Content Analysis (Document Analysis)?

Amongst all the tech-related terms that we hear today, some of them are less popular than others, but that doesn’t mean that they are less important. A good example is Content Analysis or Document Analysis. The goal of content analysis (document analytics) is to make a qualitative analysis of documents that can be digital, but also physical. The very first step of the analysis process aims to code the content of the documents into categories….