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Whitepaper · Mar 02, 2021

The 3 Pillars of Customer-Centricity

Customer-centricity is much more than providing good customer service. Here, we highlight the three pillars necessary to become a customer-centric company.

Riccardo Monti

Interview · Feb 24, 2021

Wonderflow interviews Riccardo Monti Managing Director at BCG and member of the Advisory Board

Wonderflow interviews Riccardo Monti, member of the Advisory Board, to gain insight on how he advises Wonderflow and his personal achievements and goals.

Jan Bennink

Press · Feb 23, 2021

Jan Bennink joins Wonderflow Board of Directors

Wonderflow today announced that Jan Bennink, who was previously part of the Advisory Board, now joins the Board of Directors.

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E-commerce · Feb 10, 2021

The impact of Covid-19 on the world’s digital transformation

Covid-19 provided the urgent push for digitization. This had repercussions for many aspects of our lives, but especially for the economy and e-commerce.


Interview · Feb 04, 2021

Wonderflow interviews Umberto Giuliani the Head of New Business

Wonderflow interviews Umberto Giuliani the Head of New Business to gain insight into achieving sustainable economic growth and his personal goals.

Paolo Pettenello

Interview · Jan 21, 2021

Wonderflow interviews Paolo Pettenello the Head of Performance

Wonderflow interviews Paolo Pettenello the Head of Performance to gain insight into how performance is managed within Wonderflow and Paolo's personal goals.


Press · Jan 18, 2021

Wonderflow gets selected by Techleap as one of the 10 highest potential tech companies in the Netherlands

Wonderflow today announced that it got selected to participate in Netherlands’ most exclusive scaleup program: Techleap Rise.

Lidia Palmi

Interview · Jan 12, 2021

Wonderflow interviews newest member of the team Lidia Palmi, as the new Head of Business Intelligence.

Wonderflow welcomes Lidia Palmi to the team as the new Head of Business Intelligence. Here, we get to know her better and welcome her to our team.

Lucio Vesentini

Interview · Jan 05, 2021

Bram Weerts interviews Lucio Vesentini from the Consumer Insight Marketing department of Pirelli

We interviewed Lucio to share his knowledge and best-practices with all his peers and educate others that are new to the topic of customer-centricity.

Credo wonderflow what we believe in

Wonderflow · Dec 22, 2020

Wonderflow wraps up 2020 with a summary of this year’s greatest accomplishments

With the end of the year approaching, Wonderflow highlights the most notable achievements of the past year. This year has been tough for everyone with the extraordinary situation of COVID-19. However, at Wonderflow we tried our best to continue to progress and grow as a company. Here, we highlight some of our biggest accomplishments to bring 2020 to a close. Wonderflow partnered with Microsoft to announce the  integration of Wonderflow technology into Microsoft Dynamics 365…