Business · Dec 24, 2019

Video: Measure the health of your business using Customer Churn rate KPI

The last KPI that we are going to cover: Churn Rate. Customer churn rate is a crucial KPI to determine the quality of your product, service, and experience.

Business · Dec 19, 2019

Text Analysis Examples: social media sentiment, workforce performance, competitor intelligence and more

Text Analysis examples: a simple description of how it works, the pros and cons of various approaches, methodology and use cases.

Business · Dec 17, 2019

Video: The importance of measuring customer satisfaction

CSAT measures customer satisfaction, services or experience provided by a company. It is usually a numeric score that goes from one to five, one to ten.

Business · Dec 10, 2019

Video: What is Customer Lifetime Value

In this post you will learn what Customer Lifetime Value is, and an easy way to calculate what kind of revenue can you expect from your customers.

Business · Dec 05, 2019

An Interview with Joost Niepoth

Joost is a marketing professional, with over 25 years of experience. He has worked on both the advertising agencies side as well as client side.

Business · Dec 03, 2019

Video: Top 3 KPIs for customer-centric companies

Which KPIs are best to use? and, furthermore, which KPIs are best to use in a Customer-Centric Company? and most importantly, how do you use them?

Business · Nov 26, 2019

Video: Contact Center; From Cost Center to Profit Center

After a successful keynote speech at the CCW, Riccardo Osti shows how to create a Customer-Centric company from a Product-Centric one.

Business · Nov 19, 2019

Video: How to analyze customer data

Why do many companies claim to be customer-centric? How can you utilize your customer feedback and how is your company supposed to collect the data?

Business · Nov 18, 2019

The power of 360- degree customer feedback analysis

Wonderflow 360 Customer feedback analysis process. Challenges of developing customer-centric view and actionable insight from feedback.

Technology · Nov 12, 2019

Video: How Augmented Analytics Tools Will Change The Way We Work

Augmented analytics tools are linked to the idea of transforming big data into smaller datasets. But how will they change the way we work?