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Sustainability E-Commerce

Business · May 25, 2021

What is Sustainability in eCommerce & Why It Matters

Sustainability in e-commerce is a growing hot topic. Brand building towards this future matters more than ever. Fast, free, sustainable, now!

customer insights

Business · May 18, 2021

Top 5 Predictions for 2021 Customer Insights

Businesses should constantly be ‘woke’ to new ways to improve their customer experience. Find out the top 5 predictions for customer insights in 2021.


Customer experience · May 11, 2021

NPS vs. CSAT: Importance for Brand Growth

Asking the right questions is key to measuring the customer experience. Learn more on NPS vs. CSAT and their importance for brand growth.

Matteo Gamberini

Interview · May 06, 2021

Customer Interviews: Matteo Gamberini, Head of Operations and Customer Experience in CoopVoce (COOP MVNO)

In a VoC interview with Matteo Gamberini, Head of Operations and Customer Experience at CoopVoce, we learn how customer centricity is key.

Emotional Customer Intelligence

Business · Apr 27, 2021

How Emotional Customer Intelligence is Changing Digital Marketing

Customer experience A.I. is changing the way we understand customers. Learn how emotional customer intelligence is changing digital marketing.

Jan Bennink

Business · Apr 22, 2021

Wonderflow interviews Jan Bennink, Member of the Board of Directors and former CEO of Royal Numico Holdings NV

Wonderflow interviews the new Board of Director member, Jan Bennink. He has valuable experiences in FMCG and CPG, including Royal Numico Holdings NV.

predictive analytics customer experience

Customer experience · Apr 21, 2021

Why Predictive Analytics is the Future of CX Marketing

The long-awaited developments over Predictive Analytics are gradually seeping into the future of customer experience. Let's discover why.

wonderflow image

Business · Apr 15, 2021

Customer interviews: Christian Niederauer, Director of Strategic Insights & Consumer Affairs at Colgate-Palmolive

In this edition of the Voice of the Customer, we welcome Christian Niederauer, Director of Strategic Insights & Consumer Affairs at Colgate-Palmolive

wonderflow image

Business · Apr 14, 2021

Sentiment Analysis is Killing the Focus Groups: The Disruption of Market Research

Technology is changing the way we do market research. Focus groups are about to fade away, paving the way for sentiment analysis.

wonderflow image

Customer experience · Apr 07, 2021

How to Measure Value for Customers using innovative Wonderflow tools

The prestigious Forrester Report mentions Wonderflow as one of the best tools to catch the voice of the customer and measure customer satisfaction.