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what is a focus group

Marketing · Mar 25, 2022

What is a Focus Group: Definition, Key Drawbacks, and Better Alternative

In this article, we attempt to bring more clarity to the concept of focus groups, particularly in the case of product development. In other words, what is a focus group, the summary of steps on how to execute one, situations for when you’d need to conduct one, several critical disadvantages of focus groups, and a game-changer alternative solution to replace this old-school market research method. What is A Focus Group? “A focus group is a…

go to market strategy

Customer experience · Mar 10, 2022

Go-to-Market Strategy Explained & Solution Advised by CX-Create (Downloadable Report)

We know launching a new product or feature of an existing product can be extremely challenging. One of the most critical things in ensuring a seamless end-user experience is sharing a common understanding of the key strategies involved in planning. In particular, understanding valuable strategies like the go-to-market (GTM) strategy – what is it? How does it compare to a marketing and product strategy? Why an effective one is critical, especially in today’s digital world?…

employee spotlight

Human Resources · Feb 24, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Irene Nicolini, Head of IT Development & Major Foodie

With an ever-growing global team, anticipating the arrival of new talents is undoubtedly nice and all. Yet, we’re even happier with retaining the support of numerous current teammates. That’s one of the reasons why we must turn our Employee Spotlight on yet another dedicated and long-time standing colleague, Irene Nicolini. She’s currently the Head of our IT Development team and has been with us a bit over three years! Irene studied Telecommunications Engineering at the…

simone sciuto

Interview · Feb 10, 2022

WonderStudent: Simone Sciuto, Grant Recipient & Epicode IT Grad

Meet Simone Sciuto, a 28-year-old graduate of Epicode School, scholarship recipient of the Wonder Foundation.

wonderflow image

Customer experience · Feb 04, 2022

Ouch to Negative Feedback! How to Effectively Respond to Them

Got bad reviews? Ouch. Stings, we know. Learn how to properly write in response to negative reviews, including real-life examples to copy!

voice of the customer definition

Customer experience · Jan 21, 2022

Voice of the Customer Glossary: Important Terms to Know

What is the voice of the customer AKA definition of VoC? Moreover, other relevant business terms when talking about CX transformation?

beauty cosmetic skincare

Market Research · Jan 13, 2022

Beauty brands, do customers care for ‘natural’ based on skincare reviews?

In this raw market analysis based on ratings & reviews, uncover true insights on what customers value most with new skincare products. Beauty brands, take notice!

Lucia Manetti

Human Resources · Dec 23, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Lucia Manetti, Marketing Specialist & Gaming Nerd

Wonderflow's success is due to its people. In this month's Employee Spotlight, we learn more about our Marketing Specialist, Lucia Manetti!

ecommerce sales

E-commerce · Dec 22, 2021

Consumer Holiday Trends & How to Deck eCommerce with More Sales (Infographic)

Amidst the Omicron wave, optimism is high, increasing online spending. Learn 2021 holiday consumer trends and how to raise eCommerce sales.

wonderflow image

Human Resources · Nov 25, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Brenno Pellegrini, Product Designer & Vintage Repairman

We learn more about Brenno, our product designer, in this month's employee spotlight! We appreciate him being the first on the Design team!