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Technology · Oct 24, 2018

Text Analysis 101: An In-Depth Guide for Beginners

In this in-depth guide, we cover exactly what text analysis is and why it's important for modern brands to use. We also provide examples, software options, and more.

riccardo osti - wonderflow

Press · Oct 03, 2018

PROGRAMMA 102 invests 1.5 million in WONDERFLOW

PROGRAMMA 102, the second investment vehicle of venture capital manager P101 SGR, has invested € 1.5 million in Wonderflow.

consumer insights

Business · Jul 19, 2017

Start Using Consumer Insights to Influence your Advertising

Brands worldwide launch campaigns to connect with consumers and build a larger customer base. Yet, only a few brands build authentic connections.

how to predict what customers will buy - wonderflow

Business · Mar 22, 2017

How to predict what customers will buy with feedback

Brands worldwide can learn lessons from Amazon on how to predict what customers will buy and other initiatives to drive purchases and increase revenues.

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Business · Mar 10, 2017

Types of Customer Feedback Analysis

We look at the most prominent Types of Customer Feedback Analysis options available to brands today along with their corresponding metrics and insights

online reviews - wonderflow

Business · Mar 06, 2017

The Potential of Online Reviews for Businesses

There is immense potential in the millions of product reviews posted online. We learn about the importance and impact of these reviews.

wonderflow winner of martech startup award 2016

Press · Dec 07, 2016

Wonderflow is the winner of the Martech Startup Award 2016

Amongst innovative companies offering valuable and innovative solutions to the marketing industry, Wonderflow won the first prize with value of € 25,000.

how are amazon vine reviews different? - wonderflow

Business · Nov 21, 2016

How Amazon Vine reviews differ from non-Vine reviews?

Ever wondered how do Amazon Vine reviews differ from non-Vine reviews? And how do these kind of programs affect your data analysis? Discover how we do it.

wonderflow raises new investment round - wonderflow

Press · Nov 03, 2016

Wonderflow Raises New Investment Round

Wonderflow raises new investment. Resources will be put towards consolidating the company's analytic technology towards a SaaS model.

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Press · Nov 03, 2016

Wonderflow launches new product: CX-Report

Wonderflow just launched a one-page customer experience report: discover insights about a product/service of your choice out of consumer feedback.