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Customer Feedback Management

Business · Mar 04, 2019

How to improve CX with Customer Feedback Management

In this article, we’ll cover exactly what customer feedback management is, how it can be applied to your business, and the tools you can use to get started.

why you should analyze your NPS data - wonderflow

Market Research · Mar 01, 2019

Why you should analyse the NPS data

Every once in a while, companies receive tons of NPS data, but the difficulty to analyse it all makes them to not make the best use of it.

manage customer feedback correctly - wonderflow

Business · Feb 22, 2019

Manage Customer Feedback Correctly

Many companies claim being customer-centric. However, just a few are really able achieve it. The solution? Manage your customer feedback correctly.

what is customer feedback and why is it important for your business - wonderflow

Market Research · Feb 20, 2019

What is customer feedback and why it is important?

Read about the difference between the most common types of Customer Feedback, and the 5 reasons why ithey are important for your company.

why is it so hard to predict the future - wonderflow

Market Research · Feb 19, 2019

Why is so difficult to predict the future?

There are two kinds of predictions: intuitive predictions, which rely on experience and intuition, and statistical predictions, which rely on data.

how is e-commerce influencing traditional retail - wonderflow

Business · Feb 14, 2019

How is E-commerce influencing traditional retail

It does not matter anymore if a product is sold in e-commerce or traditional retail, online reviews are playing an essential role in this play.

what is the difference between social media listening and nlp - wonderflow

Technology · Feb 11, 2019

Difference between Social Media Listening and NLP

What are social media listening and NLP technologies? Find the definition of these two approaches and discover what can we learn from them.

how to monitor and manage a retail network - wonderflow

Business · Feb 07, 2019

How to manage a retail network

A couple of real-life examples will help us to discover which are the secrets to make quality and service, good and consistent, managing a retail network.

why you should stop asking questions - wonderflow

Business · Feb 05, 2019

Stop asking questions to your customers

It is a common practice for companies to ask questions to customers via surveys and questionnaires. However, they should be aware of what to ask.

how good are humans in text analysis - wonderflow

Market Research · Jan 31, 2019

How good are humans in text analysis?

Accuracy in text analysis is the capability of technology to interpret a text. Some companies claim their technology's accuracy is 99%, is that possible?