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machine learning does not work - wonderflow

Technology · Jun 19, 2019

Why machine learning does not work

Why Machine Learning, which, don’t get us wrong, has a huge potential for several applications, does not really work well with text analysis.

what is document analytics - wonderflow

Technology · Jun 19, 2019

What is Content Analysis (Document Analysis)?

Amongst all the tech-related terms, some of them are less popular than others. A good example is Content Analysis, or Document Analysis.

why nps doesnt work - wonderflow

Business · Jun 19, 2019

Why NPS (Net Promoter Score) does not work

Among metrics that companies use to measure performance, one that has got much attention in the last ten years is for sure the NPS, or net promoter score.

metrics for consumer-centric management - wonderflow

Business · Jun 19, 2019

The metrics for customer-centric management

Customer-centric companies build their success on relationship expertise. Managers main goal should be a mix of metrics in line with customer goals.

How do you create customer profiles starting from their feedback - wonderflow

Case studies · Jun 19, 2019

How do you create customer profiles starting from feedback

Marketers learned that they needed to create a profile and then go to the market. Today, customer feedback gives the possibility to change this process.

what is accuracy in text analysis - Wonderflow

Market Research · Jun 19, 2019

What is the accuracy in text analysis

The most frequent question about text analysis is “what is the accuracy?”. So, we will tell you what to measure to determine the quality of your analysis.

Business · May 20, 2019

Come la sentiment analysis può aiutarti a migliorare i tuoi prodotti

Avrai già sentito parlare di sentiment analysis, ma sei a conoscenza dei vantaggi che questo tipo di analisi può portare all’interno della tua azienda?

Image header on how to make the move to become customer-centric

Business · May 20, 2019

Passare da un’organizzazione incentrata sul prodotto a un’organizzazione incentrata sul cliente

Le aziende vedono sempre più il valore di adottare un approccio incentrato sul cliente e di mettere i consumatori al centro di tutto ciò che fanno. 

Market Research · May 20, 2019

5 tipi di customer feedback e come raccoglierli

Non importa cosa pensi del customer feedback, non si può negare che abbia una grande importanza per le aziende. Ecco cinque modi per raccogliere feedback.

Business · May 20, 2019

12 esempi di NLP: Come viene utilizzato il Natural Language Processing

Questo articolo ha l'obiettivo di spiegare i concetti base di NLP per aiutarti a portare questa tecnologia all'interno della tua azienda.