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employee satisfaction

Human Resources · Nov 05, 2019

Video: What can employers do to increase employee satisfaction

What can an employer do in order to keep their employees satisfied and motivated to contribute actively to the growth of the firm?

Customer feedback at scale

Business · Nov 04, 2019

How enterprises should analyze customer feedback at scale

Getting actionable enterprise insights from customer feedback analysis: Sentiment analysis through NLP, reporting and developing insights

Employee Engagement

Business · Oct 29, 2019

Video: Do you feel unheard at work? Here’s why.

Today’s companies have tow main problems: they struggle to interpret what customers say, and they are unsuccessful in understanding what employees want.


Business · Oct 22, 2019

Video: Will AI steal our jobs?

As an AI deep tech company, people ask whether our product will replace humans at work, or if they will be able to keep their jobs.


Business · Oct 15, 2019

Video: Top 5 common mistakes companies make with KPIs

The right use of KPIs can help managers make informed decisions about the future of their company. But that's today's focus: "the right use of KPIs."

Predictive Analytics Tools

Business · Oct 03, 2019

34+ Leading Predictive Analytics Tools In 2019

Want to harness the power of predictive analytics? Here are 34+ predictive analytics tools that you can use to do just that.

Business · Oct 01, 2019

Video: 20 Natural Language Processing Examples For Business

Want to learn more about NLP, and its many uses? In this video, I share 20 natural language processing examples across a wide range of industries.

App Reviews

Business · Sep 26, 2019

Video: How To Leverage App Reviews To Increase Revenue

The customer feedback loop needed to build and execute in order to successfully launch and grow your app and increase your revenue.

wonderflow image

Business · Sep 23, 2019

How To Turn Consumer Insights Into Actionable Results

It's 2019, but many companies still aren't making the most out of their data. Here's how to effectively generate and utilize consumer insights.

Image for the video Making The Move From A Product-Centric To A Customer-Centric Organisation

Business · Sep 16, 2019

Video: How To Move From A Product-Centric to A Customer-Centric Organisation

Your organization needs to shift from being product-centric to customer-centric. In this guide, we teach you to adopt a customer-centric mindset.