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Business · Mar 16, 2020

Video: Working with Scaleups – How to structure the team to dramatically increase engagement

This blog aims to describe the structure companies need to implement to facilitate the adoption of a new and innovative product.

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Business · Mar 10, 2020

The importance of customer feedback for eCommerce platforms

eCommerce platforms want to improve its customers’ experience by presenting them only with high-quality products. How? Using customer feedback

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Business · Mar 09, 2020

Video: Working with Scaleups – Why enterprises can hardly innovate without external help

By working with external specialized vendors, companies save time that would otherwise be spent in software development and configurations.

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Business · Mar 02, 2020

Video: What is the biggest limit of data science teams in an enterprise?

Innovation in companies is generally linked to IT departments.This blog challenges this conception and discusses the limits of Data Science departments.

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Business · Feb 26, 2020

Video: Working with Scaleups – Why Scaleups can innovate faster than enterprises

Startups and scaleups have smaller teams and limited resources compared to large enterprises. So, why do startups and scaleups often achieve better results?

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Business · Feb 25, 2020

Video: Working with Scaleups – How to identify the right pilot project for your company

The collaboration between startups and enterprises often originates from a pilot project that eventually evolves into a long-term collaboration.

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Business · Feb 19, 2020

An Interview with Nelly Bonfiglio

Nelly Bonfiglio is the current Head of Sales at Groupon. She is a sales expert with extensive experience working for large enterprises and startups.

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Business · Jan 06, 2020

An Interview with Luigi Matrone

Luigi is a Marketing expert in it's digital form with many years of experience. He is the founder & CEO of the eBusiness Institute.

customer reviews

Business · Dec 31, 2019

Video: Why it’s hard to get many customer reviews

90% of customers say that reviews have played a crucial role in their decision-making. So, how can you make sure that your customers get involved?

Customer Churn rate

Business · Dec 24, 2019

Video: Measure the health of your business using Customer Churn rate KPI

The last KPI that we are going to cover: Churn Rate. Customer churn rate is a crucial KPI to determine the quality of your product, service, and experience.