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Business · Jun 23, 2020

How to avoid data waste

VoC analytics programs are designed to drive your company's success. However, a lot of the time, they are inefficient because they produce data waste.

Wonderflow invites Kurt Daniel, CEO of Ubersmith

Business · Jun 09, 2020

Putting your customers front and center – An interview with Kurt Daniel

For this WonderTalk, Kurt Daniel shares his views and experience on building communities and embedding input from your users into your company.

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Press · May 28, 2020

Wonderflow announces appointment of Jan Bennink to its advisory board

Wonderflow is excited to announce the addition of Jan Bennink, an experienced executive, and board member, to its advisory board.

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Business · May 25, 2020

Customer feedback as competitor analysis

In this blog, we'll look at using customer feedback for competitor analysis and see how it can link to your overall strategy.

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Business · May 11, 2020

Putting your customers front and center – An interview with Matteo Penzo

For this WonderTalk, Matteo Penzo shares his vision and experience in developing leading product strategy with Wonderflow’s Thom Erbé.

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Business · May 04, 2020

What’s the best way to analyze vast amounts of feedback?

Gathering data has never been easier. Obtaining actionable insights is increasingly challenging. Here, we explain how to analyze vast amounts of feedback.

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Business · May 01, 2020

Video: Why HR management needs to change now

The importance that companies give to customers is not given to employees. Here, we share why you need and how you can start listening to your employees.

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Business · May 01, 2020

How to prioritize your employees during times of crisis

Employees need to be your company's priority right now. In this blog, we discuss how to prioritize your employees in your organization.

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Press · Apr 29, 2020

Lavazza boosts customer experience with customer feedback analysis solution from Wonderflow

Lavazza and customer feedback analysis solution provider Wonderflow renew their partnership to enhance Lavazza’s focus on customer-centricity.

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Press · Apr 22, 2020

Wonderflow supporta le aziende dando accesso gratuito a WonderWork, per l’analisi dell’employee feedback

Wonderflow offre il suo strumento di analisi di employee feedback gratuitamente durante il 2020 per aiutare le aziende ad affrontare la crisi globale.