Technology · Jun 19, 2019

Why machine learning does not work

In this video, our CEO Riccardo Osti explained what machine learning is as well as it’s most common applications. Today he will explain why this acclaimed technology, which, don’t get us wrong, has a huge potential for several applications, does not really work well with text analysis. When we mention machine learning we are also referring to AI, deep learning and more generally to statistical models. Many of today’s hi-tech leaders make use of these…

Technology · Jun 19, 2019

What is Content Analysis (Document Analysis)?

Amongst all the tech-related terms that we hear today, some of them are less popular than others, but that doesn’t mean that they are less important. A good example is Content Analysis or Document Analysis. The goal of content analysis (document analytics) is to make a qualitative analysis of documents that can be digital, but also physical. The very first step of the analysis process aims to code the content of the documents into categories….

Business · Jun 19, 2019

Why NPS (Net Promoter Score) does not work

Among all the metrics that companies use to measure their performance, one that has got much attention in the last ten years is for sure the NPS, or net promoter score The NPS measures the willingness of customers to recommend your product or service to others. It is a score on a scale from 1 to 10, where customers evaluate themselves. Based on the given answers, customers are classified into three categories. Detractors, who gave…

Business · Jun 19, 2019

The metrics for customer-centric management

Today we will explain which are the key metrics that you need to adopt if you really want to become customer-centric. In the very first video on our channel, we explained: how both product and customer-centric companies have the goal to maximize shareholders value, but they try to get there in different ways. We know that customer-centric companies build their success on relationship expertise. In this case, managers main goal shouldn’t be just revenue, but…

Case studies · Jun 19, 2019

How do you create customer profiles starting from feedback

Today we will explain how to create customer profiles starting from their feedback. One of the most difficult challenges for marketers is to clearly define the customer persona, highlighting all the characteristics of the ideal types of customers. Historically, marketers have learned that first, they needed to create a profile and then go to the market to test it. Today, customer feedback gives us the possibility to turn this process upside down. In fact, we…

Market Research · Jun 19, 2019

What is the accuracy in text analysis

Probably, the most frequent question about text analysis is “what is the accuracy?”. So, today we will tell you what to measure in order to determine the quality of your analysis. Let’s start by saying that what we usually call accuracy in text analysis, is the mix of two main indicators, called precision and recall. Recall In simple words, the recall in text analysis measures how many times the system is able to identify a…

Business · May 20, 2019

Come la sentiment analysis può aiutarti a migliorare i tuoi prodotti

Probabilmente avrai già sentito parlare di sentiment analysis, ma sei a conoscenza dei vantaggi che questo tipo di analisi può portare all’interno della tua azienda? La sentiment analysis, anche conosciuta come opinion mining, consiste nell’analisi di un testo con il fine di analizzare e classificare le informazioni contenute nello stesso. Questo tipo di analisi può rivelarti moltissime informazioni sui pensieri e sulle opinioni dei tuoi clienti.  Una volta spiegati i vantaggi della sentiment analysis, mostreremo…

Business · May 20, 2019

Passare da un’organizzazione incentrata sul prodotto a un’organizzazione incentrata sul cliente

In passato, la maggior parte delle multinazionali e delle aziende si affidava ad aprocci incentrati sui prodotti e concentrava i propri sforzi sullo sviluppo di nuovi prodotti sfruttando la tecnologia o competenze specializzate. In questi giorni, tuttavia, le aziende vedono sempre più il valore di adottare un approccio incentrato sul cliente e di…

Market Research · May 20, 2019

5 tipi di customer feedback e come raccoglierli

Non importa cosa pensi del customer feedback, non si può negare che abbia una grande importanza per le aziende. In un mondo in cui la competizione è altissima, conoscere le opinioni dei tuoi clienti riguardo i tuoi servizi può aiutare molti aspetti della tua azienda, dal product development alle strategie di marketing.  In un periodo in cui la quantità di dati è infinita, analizzare le opinioni dei clienti mette a disposizione informazioni che la tua…

Business · May 20, 2019

12 esempi di NLP: Come viene utilizzato il Natural Language Processing

L’Intelligenza Artificiale (IA) è un tipo di tecnologia che è diventato estremamente popolare. IA ha la potenzialità di rendere il supporto clienti automatico, di migliorare la customer experience e di analizzare feedback. Implementare IA nelle aziende può sembrare difficile, ma non lo è affatto.  Natural Language Processing (NLP) è una forma di…